Bristol Borough, PA reminder: Council to discuss BSL in February

Pennsylvania state law prohibits breed-specific legislation. Bristol Borough, PA council is considering a muzzle law for “pit bulls.” They will discuss the issue during the February meeting. Unfortunately, there are two February meetings and it is not clear at this time which meeting they were referring to.

Borough council meetings take place on Feb. 7 (work session) and Feb. 14 (agenda meeting) at 7:00 PM in Borough Hall, 250 Pond Street, Bristol Borough, PA 19007.

The council meeting video for the January 10 agenda meeting reveals the following important pieces of information.

Councilmember James Lutz has been adamantly against the proposed BSL. He advised council that breed-specific laws are not legal in PA.

Borough attorney William Salerno replied that PA state law prohibition against BSL only applies to dangerous dog laws. He stated that the muzzling proposal would be a containment law, not a dangerous dog law, and, therefore, the prohibition against BSL would not apply. He stated he was familiar with the Reading case and argued that the situation was dissimilar. He did not appear averse to the idea that he may have to fight for the law in court.

Council president Ralph DiGuiseppe said that he was prepared to give a presentation at the February meeting that would prove that a muzzle law for “pit bulls” was necessary.

Councilmember Betty Rodriguez claimed that she did not know “what else to do,” implying that the council had no alternative but to mandate the muzzling of “pit bulls.”

Please keep this info in mind when corresponding with council; please keep correspondence respectful and productive. Breed-neutral alternative laws may be very helpful, considering Councilmember Rodriguez’s comment. Council is also considering a breed-neutral leash law.

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Solicitor William Salerno, 220 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, PA 19007
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Anthony Muccie,
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Betty Rodriguez,

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2 responses to “Bristol Borough, PA reminder: Council to discuss BSL in February

  1. Does anyone know what came of this meeting? I cannot find anything on the internet that states if they are going to pursue this or not.

    Shame on PA! When traveling we always stop at the rest area in Bristol, PA… We will be by passing that from here on out.

    • Megan, the council appears to have dropped the issue for now. It is not clear if or when they will take the issue up again. Some people have surmised that they are waiting to see how the local elections turn out.