Ohio HB 14 committee hearing on Feb 9

Ohio currently has statewide breed-specific legislation that declares all “pit bulls” to be “vicious” dogs. HB 14 would remove the breed-specific language from state law.

HB 14 is scheduled for a second hearing in the House Criminal Justice Committee on February 2 at 9:00 AM in Room 114 (Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio 43215).

If you are a resident of Ohio, please make every effort to attend the committee hearing and show your support for the removal of breed-specific language. If you would like to testify at the hearing, please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time and bring 30 copies of your testimony; you will need to complete a Witness Slip and submit your written copies before the hearing begins.

Contact the Criminal Justice Committee members to express support for HB 14:
Lynn Slaby, Chair, district41@ohr.state.oh.us
Bill Hayes, Vice Chair, district91@ohr.state.oh.us
Louis W. Blessing, Jr., district29@ohr.state.oh.us
Danny R. Bubp, district88@ohr.state.oh.us
William P. Coley, II, district55@ohr.state.oh.us
Cliff Hite, district76@ohr.state.oh.us
Joseph W. Uecker, district66@ohr.state.oh.us
Ron Young, district63@ohr.state.oh.us
Roland Winburn, district40@ohr.state.oh.us
Nancy J. Garland, district20@ohr.state.oh.us
Connie Pillich, district28@ohr.state.oh.us
W. Carlton Weddington, district27@ohr.state.oh.us
Sandra Williams, district11@ohr.state.oh.us

Cut-and-paste email block:
district41@ohr.state.oh.us; district91@ohr.state.oh.us; district29@ohr.state.oh.us; district88@ohr.state.oh.us; district55@ohr.state.oh.us; district76@ohr.state.oh.us; district66@ohr.state.oh.us; district63@ohr.state.oh.us; district40@ohr.state.oh.us; district20@ohr.state.oh.us; district28@ohr.state.oh.us; district27@ohr.state.oh.us; district11@ohr.state.oh.us

Read HB 14 here: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/BillText129/129_HB_14_I_N.html
Read an explanation of HB 14 here:
Track HB 14 here: http://lsc.state.oh.us/coderev/hou129.nsf/House+Bill+Number/0014?OpenDocument

8 responses to “Ohio HB 14 committee hearing on Feb 9

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE my pitbulls and they are our family, please take the BSL away, It is sad when you feel like a criminal because your favorite breed is banned by a STUPID media fear. PLEASE SHOW THE POSITIVE PITBULL

  2. i hope it passes. bsl sucks

  3. Breed specific bans are as bad as race discrimination. Please…let’s judge dogs on an individual basis. A dogs temperament and behavior is what should determine if a dog is vicious or not! Not his breed.
    We are supposed to be a civilized nation. Let’s start acting like one.
    Blame the DEED NOT the BREED!!!

  4. Do away with the ban. Blame the deed NOT the breed. Instead, make the law more tougher against drug selling and dog fighting. Make a law against those that witness dog fighting.

  5. Yes…Please the wording!!! I wanting to get a Cane Corso but did to the wording in the Ohio law. I was told if it looks like a “pit bull” I would fall under this law if I was get one…this is BS!! So you are telling me if it likes a duck, walks like a duck..then it’s a deer? Look dogs are dogs and they only do and act as they are trained to do. All my life I’ve had Dobermans and we all know in the 80’s they had a bad rap…and not one of mine ever turned on me or any body else!! I also had a Rott and he also was very loving and caring to every body he came in contact with, it’s all in the way you raise your dog.

  6. This is unbelieveable! I no longer live in ohio but I will fight any state for this amazing breed. I own 5 pitbulls. They are awesome dogs. Very,Very loveable. I work at a boarding facility for pets and we never get viscious pits in. This is for all of you that are trying to ban this breed…Do any of you even know the history of this breed? They were once used over in England as nannies. To watch over children while they were outside playing. Keeping them safe from strangers and stray dogs. So those of you that let the media make up your mind about this breed are ignorant. Try picking up a book and read up on this breed or go visit some at a shelter. I bet you will think differently. This breed is the most MISTREATED and MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!!!

  7. Does anyone know what happened at the meeting? Has there been a decision? This is killing me! I want people to stop persecuting my dog unjustly without even knowing him.

    • I could be wrong about Ohio legislative procedures, but I think they will probably have at least one more hearing. I’ll update when I hear more. In the meantime, contact Rep. Sears to find out what else can be done to help the bill move!