Onslow County, NC: Sheriff supports breed ban

To my knowledge, nothing official has been proposed at this time. Residents and locals can take this opportunity to reach out to their local government officials and provide factual information and reasonable non-breed-specific alternatives.

I was unable to find contact information for the animal ordinance committee mentioned in the article.

Email the Onslow County Board of Commissioners: BOC@onslowcountync.gov
Email the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office: sheriff@onslowcountync.gov

Family pet needs to be right fit

February 09, 2011 6:28 AM

[…] Two Piney Green area toddlers were mauled by family dogs in similar, but unrelated incidents in the last week. In both cases, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown — who said he supports a ban on aggressive dog breeds — said previous owners had given up the dogs for being too aggressive.[…]

Banning breeds

Sheriff Brown said he believes the county should follow the lead of Camp Lejeune and ban aggressive dog breeds.[…]

In October 2009, county commissioners established a committee to research possible changes to animal-related ordinances.[…]

Full article retrieved 2/9/11 from http://www.enctoday.com/news/pet-87687-jdn-everyone-run.html


2 responses to “Onslow County, NC: Sheriff supports breed ban

  1. selwyn marock South Africa

    How can a lowly nothing sheriff have the power over life and death.SICKENING

  2. I think it is so retarded that this is going on…. If that was the case I know many dogs that should be banned…. Growing up I was chased and almost bitten by many different kinds of dogs. One dog that I have never had a negative encounter with is pit bulls. And I own some. I think what everyone is doing is wrong. Its like a holocaust all over again just with pit bulls. And honestly once they extinct pit bulls it may be YOUR pet, friend, family whatever you call them next….. Think about that…. Everyone is so quick to report a pit bull attack but nothing else…. My friends daughter got mauled my an Akita that belong to her mother and that her daughter knew. But I aint see that on the news or reported! I just think this whole thing is stupid. I been raising and breeding pit bulls for going on 6 years and never had a problem with them in any kind of way!