Bay County, MI: Opportunity to repeal BSL

Bay County, MI, already has BSL in place; their current animal control ordinance declares all “pit bulls” to be “vicious” dogs. See the current ordinance, breed specific portion, here.

Bay County is looking at revisions to their animal control ordinance. This is an opportunity for the public to urge the commissioners to move toward a breed-neutral ordinance.

Contact information for Bay County Board of Commissioners
Michael J. Duranczyk (D),
Brandon Krause (D),
Vaughn J. Begick (R),
Joe Davis (R),
Ernie Krygier (D),
Kim Coonan (D),
Tom Ryder (D),
Christopher Rupp (R),
Donald J. Tilley (D),

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Bay County officials looking to revamp animal ordinance following local pit bull attack

Published: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 9:00 AM
By Shannon Murphy | The Bay City Times

[…] In tweaking its ordinance, Martha Fitzhugh, Bay County’s Corporation Counsel, said county officials will review ordinances in other counties.

“We’re going to compare other ordinances and the law to determine if we can have an intervention for less (than an injury)” Fitzhugh said. “We want to determine whether our ordinance is sufficient in addressing a behavior of a dog before it is deemed vicious.”[…]

Fitzhugh said nothing has been put in writing and there is no timeline for when a proposed new ordinance could be brought to the Bay County Board of Commissioners.

Fitzhugh said, however, the intent is not to single out pit bulls.

“We don’t want to focus on a breed, just on the behavior,” she said.

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10 responses to “Bay County, MI: Opportunity to repeal BSL

  1. Marilyn Munsel

    Regretfully the human race has a way of condemning certain nationalites, certain animals, etc because of ignorance. Blacks, mexicans etc have suffered in the past because of this. We hopefully are learning that we cannot condemn a race because of a few. If we did we would have to destroy mankind. There is good and bad in every race, every animal, etc. Usually the problem has been created by human ignorance. Bad animals are usually bad animals because of no training or improper training, (shall we say like child abuse) Children, animals all respond to the way they are treated. I would like to have the animal owners investigated, not the animal. They have no control over their treatment.
    Do not condemn a certain bred or size of animal. They are probably bad because of a “stupid owner”.

  2. I believe that “outlawing” breeds will not change anything.
    A dog is a an animal and animals bit, but we still love them anyway. Dogs are selfish and do what is right for them, dogs have lemons for brains, but we still love them anyway. Dogs are meant to be trained in methods that match their natural animalistic ways. The bottom line is all dogs bite and no one dog should be labeled a threat.
    I encourage everyone to read the book “Culture Clash”by Jean Donaldson this book is required reading for Veterinary Technician students and explains that it is not always the breed, but simply humans giving dogs “human” qualities. For example: cognitive emotions, “my dog knows they are not a threat” or “my dog loves all kids.”

  3. If we had euthanized every “unadoptable” or “bad” dog that came into our rescue we would have done a terrible diservice to the animals and to the adoptive families that love them dearly. Instead of condemning the dogs that came to us, we trained them to be obedient, well behaved and non agressive dogs. We were then able to find wonderful, responsible pet owners to adopt them. We follow up with these owners and dogs for a year or longer to make sure there haven’t been any bumps in the road. If there are, then it’s back to training 101 for the dog and the owners. Dogs can fall off the wagon just like an alcoholic or drug addict. Do we condemn those people and enforce safety measures for them to be out in the public? After all alcoholics and drug addicts injure and sometimes kill people. Yes they may go to prison, but more often not. Many get out to do the same thing over and over. But yet we are condemning dogs of the pit bull breed because of an irresponsible owner. Maybe it’s the irresponsible owners who should be banned from Bay County thus making us all safer.

  4. I think it’s sad when any animal is put in the catagory of the actions of a very few, whi in reality have been attitude altered by the humans who trained them. I’ve only been bitten twice in my life, once by the little Mexican Pit Bulls, otherwise known as a Chihuahua, and a Chow-SharPei mix. Both were a situation that wasn’t as a mean bite, just scared on their part.
    I’ve had pure bred Labs and Shepherd and no problems with either breed. I rescued a Pit Bull from the shelter years ago, and he’s been at the top of my leader board for awesome dogs. I’ve never had any of my dogs get vicious and bite, but they’ve always been treated with love and I’ve always respected them. Any dog can bite because they have teeth, but then so can little children. Have you ever witnessed a child bite another child? Do ya let them continue, or teach them it’s wrong? I haven’t seen too many dogs who don’t wanna please their owners, and that’s where teaching comes into play.

  5. Banning pitbulls doesn’t solve anything. If we are trying to fix the problem ban bad dog owners. Ban backyard breeders. Don’t blame the dogs. It’s the people who make them that way who are to blame.

  6. Ok the article is saying they aret trying to go against a certain breed but honestly let’s be honest people. The pit bull is a highly sought after dog by ignorant people who don’t know how to train or treat a dog in general. Some even raising them to be mean and fight. Which honestly you can do just about with any dog from a pit bull to a yorkie. Now I myself own 3
    American Pit bull Terriers. And honestly they are
    a hand full but not vicious. I’ll admit it’s stressful having to explain myself to every person that my dogs aren’t mean or vicious. But to me it is worth it I love them and the breed in general. I feel horrible for the people that have suffered a
    loss or a tragic incident at the fault of a irresponsible owner. This is the reason why we have bites people who humanize their dogs or
    train them to be vicious or don’t exersize them properly creates all of this. I would be more than
    happy to put each of my dogs thru a
    temperament test for anyone. It’s sad that it’s coming to this people.

  7. selwyn marock South Africa

    Makes sense

  8. Tracy O'Driscoll-Smith

    As a Bay County TAX PAYING resident. They will take my pitbulls over my dead body! Why don’t we just take all the pitbulls stamp a yellow star on their chest…shave their head and throw them in concentration camps…and we all know what happend next in this process.

    That is honestly what this whole thing is starting to look like. It is a man hunt…or should I say dog hunt caused by one dog who was being raised by a former criminal, who possibly could have been training this dog to fight.

    A dog is only as good as it’s owner. I have been attacked a few times in my life and honestly it has never been by a pitbull. Most vets will tell you that any dog in the right circumstance will attack. A dog can turn for any reason; a smell, a piece of food, or just a general bad day.

    How sad is is to put down perfectly good, loyal dogs because ONE dog ruined it for them. Yes I agree that having a dangerous or vicious dog is not safe…but if the owner isn’t responsible then that is when it becomes a problem.

    I have two pitbulls and live between two neighbors. ONe with two weims and one with a cattle dog. Neither neighbor takes any measures to prevent their dogs from running loose throught the neighborhood or from entering my yard. As a pit owner I AM RESPONSIBLE for my animals to make sure they never get out…and never get put in a sticky situation. I know that no matter what happens if my dog got out…and if a dog attacked my dog…and it defended itself I know all those na-sayers in the world would condem my animal to death. Hence, why I take special care to not allow my dogs to become part of that kind of situation.

    Banning a dog because of it’s breed is just as bad as racism, or sexism. How would you like to be profiled based on one person? You wouldn’t! Because you are unique just like every dog in the world.

    Freedom of Breed damn it….freedom of breed!

  9. selwyn marock South Africa

    Tracy could not have said it better myself.

  10. I agree with most of the comments here. The problem will not be solved by banning certain breeds. The trouble lies in poor pet owners, no matter the breed or animal. Like child abuse, pet abuse should be a crime.