Kalamazoo, MI: Whispers of BSL

Over the last week, the media and a few authorities have continually raised the question of whether “pit bulls” should be banned in Kalamazoo. This follows a recent tragic infant death by dog in Kalamazoo.

Locals are encouraged to reach out to lawmakers in Kalamazoo and guide the discussion toward effective, reasonable breed-neutral measures.

The City Commission meets on the first, third and fifth Monday of the month. This issue is currently NOT on the agenda. Next city commission meetings: Feb 28 (special meeting), Mar 7 (business meeting).

View all agendas here: http://www.kalamazoocity.org/portal/government.php?page_id=922

City Commissioners Contact Info
Correspondence can be sent to City Hall at 241 W. South St., Kalamazoo, MI 49007.
Mayor Bobby J. Hopewell, bobbyhopewell@borgess.com
Vice Mayor Hannah J. McKinney, mckinneyh@kalamazoocity.org
Don Cooney, donald.cooney@wmich.edu
David Anderson, andersondavid@kalamazoocity.org
Barbara Hamilton Miller, millerb@kalamazoocity.org
Stephanie Bell, bells@kalamazoocity.org
Bob Cinabro, cinabrob@kalamazoocity.org

Email Quicklist
bobbyhopewell@borgess.com; mckinneyh@kalamazoocity.org; donald.cooney@wmich.edu; andersondavid@kalamazoocity.org; millerb@kalamazoocity.org; bells@kalamazoocity.org; cinabrob@kalamazoocity.org

Should Pit Bulls Be Outlawed

Posted Wednesday February 23, 2011

KALAMAZOO (WKZO) — The tragic death of a newborn mauled by a pit bull in Kalamazoo over the weekend has some city officials asking the question, should Kalamazoo follow other cities like Denver and outlaw pit bulls? […]

Full article posted 2/24/11 at http://wtvbam.com/news/articles/2011/feb/23/should-pit-bulls-be-outlawed/

3 responses to “Kalamazoo, MI: Whispers of BSL

  1. I guess UKC needs to move their Premier Show to another town considering they have a huge number of Pit Bull show dogs. Maybe the town will see how stupid these BSL laws are when it touches their pocket books! I know for a fact that every motel in Kalamazoo and surrounding city motels are booked for the week of UKC’s Premier. Maybe UKC should make a stand for the Pit Bull people and change their venue-thus removing the revenue that dog breeders/handlers bring to their town.

    • I totally agree with you, the American Pit bull terrier is the second largest registered breed for the UKC. The first dog registered for the UKC was an American Pit bull terrier. If there was a law passed to ban Pit bulls and pit bull type dogs in Kalamazoo it would be pretty much an end to the breed because if Kalamazoo bans them any where in the U.S.A is possible. People can’t just sit around and let this happen. I know i wont i have two pure breed American Pit bull terriers and i live in Kalamazoo.

  2. David Riddle

    As a single voice you will fail. But united and organized, we can prevail.