Aberdeen, SD: Council to discuss options, including BSL, Feb 28

Aberdeen, SD city council will be presented with various animal control ordinance options on Feb 28, from a breed ban (multiple breeds suggested, including “pit bulls,” Dalmatians, Chows, and more), to breed-specific restrictions, to breed-neutral revisions, to relaxing the ordinances. The agenda page 62-63 goes over the council’s options: http://www.aberdeen.sd.us/archives/52/2-28-2011.PDF

Some councilmembers are known to be supportive of a breed ban or restrictions. Please contact city councilmembers with polite, informative correspondence that encourages breed-neutral measures. (Councilmember Clint Rux has been very good about keeping us updated, and supportive of breed-neutral options, so please thank him.)

All alerts for Aberdeen, SD: http://stopbsl.com/?s=aberdeen+sd

Next city council meeting: Monday, Feb 28, at 5:30 PM at 123 South Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Contact info for city officials:
Mayor Mike J. Levsen, mayor@aberdeen.sd.us
Phone: (605) 626-7025
City Manager Lynn Lander, lynn.lander@aberdeen.sd.us
Ph: (605) 626-7025
Fx: (605) 626-7039
Jim Kraft, NE District Council Member, james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us
Jeff Mitchell, NE District Council Member, jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us
Todd Campbell, NW District Council Member, todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us
Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, NW District Council, jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us
Clint Rux, SE District Council Member, clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us
Laure Swanson, SE District Council Member, laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us
Tom Agnitsch, SW District Council Member, tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us
David Bunsness, SW District Council Member, david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us

Email block for cut-and-paste:
mayor@aberdeen.sd.us; lynn.lander@aberdeen.sd.us; james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us; jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us; todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us; jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us; clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us; laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us; tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us; david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us

Thanks to Jason for the updates!

One response to “Aberdeen, SD: Council to discuss options, including BSL, Feb 28

  1. I am an animal lover! I have had the wonderful opportunity to rescue 2 American Staffordshire Terriers (Pitbulls) so far in my lifetime. I encourage you to please look at the pet owners when making the decision to ban any breed! My experiences with my 2 rescue’s have been absolutely positive! I have 4 boys, to which these dogs became great companions to! My eldest son was only 1 yrs old when I got my first rescue “Petey”. I have pictures of my children enjoying cuddling, playing and riding on these beautiful dogs. I ask you to please educate yourself on the breeds you are considering banning. The American Kennel Association website is a wonderful place to start!