Denmark: Breed “watchlist” implemented

In summer of 2010 in Denmark, a long list of banned breeds was implemented. The 13 banned breeds included

  • Pit Bull Terrier (banned since 1991)
  • Tosa Inu (banned since 1991)
  • American Staffordshire (Terrier)
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Dogo Argentino
  • American Bulldog
  • Boerbel
  • Kangal Dog
  • Central Asian Ovcharka (Central Asian Shepherd Dog)
  • Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog / Mountain Dog)
  • Southern Russian Ovcharka (South Russian Sheepdog)
  • Tornjak (Bosnian Shepherd Dog)
  • Sarplaninac (Yugoslav Shepherd Dog)

It was not clear why these breeds were singled out. Many of these breeds are rare or nonexistent in Denmark, and the dog bite statistics that were available did not indicate that any of these breeds were biting in significant numbers (or at all).

Denmark Ministry of Justice has now issued a breed “watchlist” that comprises an additional 12 breeds of dogs:

  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Cane Corso
  • Cao Fila de Sao Miguel (Sao Miguel Cattle Dog)
  • Dogo Canario (Presa Canario)
  • Iberisk dogge (Danish term–unknown what breed this is)
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Mastin Espanol (Spanish Mastiff)
  • Mastin Napoletano (Neapolitan Mastiff)
  • Polski Owczarek Podhalanski (Polish Tatra Sheepdog)
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The watchlist is intended to denote dog breeds that may be added to Denmark’s breed ban in the future (presumably, in 2013, when the law is reviewed). Again, it is not clear what criteria, if any, were used to select these breeds for the watchlist.

Thanks to KC Dog Blog for the tip.

Although I always try to find primary source material, info from Denmark is very difficult to obtain, and the language barrier makes it even harder to find primary sources. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the original Ministry-of-Justice-issued watchlist.

The article in which the watchlist is discussed can be found here:

A translated version of this article can be found here:

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