Aberdeen, SD: Council chooses breed-neutral measures

On Feb 28, Aberdeen, SD city council was presented with various animal control ordinance options, from a breed ban (multiple breeds suggested, including “pit bulls,” Dalmatians, Chows, and more), to breed-specific restrictions, to breed-neutral revisions, to relaxing the ordinances.

The council requested that the city manager create a new ordinance that would focus on leash laws and higher fines for violators. The proposal does not appear to be breed-specific at this time, but several council members still appeared to be supportive of a breed ban (see news article below), and suggested that such a stipulation could be added if “three or four local mothers” requested it. Although the proposal sounds breed-neutral at this time, due to the uncertain atmosphere, StopBSL will keep Aberdeen on the watchlist until the situation resolves.

The proposed ordinance is expected to be introduced during the March 14 council meeting, 5:30 PM, City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 123 South Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

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Aberdeen officials tweak dog plans

Pit bulls will not be banned

BY JEFF BAHR, jbahr@aberdeennews.com
12:00 a.m. CST, March 1, 2011

[…] The recommendations were drafted by the city attorney’s office and the city police department. The measures consist of adopting, implementing and enforcing animal-at-large and leash laws, including some revisions of current ordinances and the addition of new ordinances.[…]

The move away from recommending a breed ban was based on public response and research that’s been done, [staff attorney Karly] Winter said. After the meeting, she also said it was also not clear which direction the council wanted to head.

Differing opinions

Even though the recommendations will largely become a proposed ordinance, Mayor Mike Levsen pointed out that council members have differing opinions on the subject. Those varying opinions may become suggested amendments to the ordinance, he said.

Council member David Bunsness said he remains in favor of banning new pit bulls and grandfathering in current owners.[…]

Levsen said if three or four local mothers stepped forward, the issue of banning pit bulls could easily go before the voters. And, he predicted, it would pass.[…]

Full article retrieved 3/1/11 from http://www.aberdeennews.com/news/aan-aberdeen-officials-tweak-dog-plans-20110228,0,4386306.story

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