Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada: Bylaw officer calls for breed ban

The Fort Smith bylaw officer has called for a ban on “pit bulls” after a stray dog chased one girl and bit another.

Town of Fort Smith contact page:

Town of Fort Smith, 174 McDougal Road, PO Box 147, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, X0E 0P0, CANADA
Phone: (867) 872-8400, Fax: (867) 872-8401

Pitbull attacks teenage girls in Fort Smith

By SHAWN BELL, SRJ Reporter• Tue, Mar 01, 2011

A pitbull attack on two teenage girls in broad daylight last week has led Fort Smith’s bylaw officer to call for a complete ban on the breed in the community.

After euthanizing the large male dog involved in the attacks, Ron Schaefer told The Journal that breeds like pitbulls should not be in the North.[…]

He also cautioned parents of small children that many dogs, especially breeds like pitbulls, can be very dangerous.

“Lots of people have these unpredictable adult dogs,” Schaefer said. “I would hate to see a child mauled by their dog.”

The attacks in Fort Smith come two weeks after a four-year-old boy was mauled by a husky in Inuvik. The boy had to be medivaced to Edmonton with life-threatening injuries. […]

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It should be noted that there have been no such calls for a ban on Huskies after the tragic event in Inuvik (mentioned above, in this article). Additionally, in covering the Inuvik mauling, many media sites included information about dog-child safety in their reports—a responsible and ethical choice to use the news as an educational opportunity to promote public safety and awareness. In contrast, the Fort Smith report about this stray dog attack was accompanied only by a detailed description of the incident and sensational quotes from the bylaw enforcement officer—with a singular focus on dog breed, and no helpful information that could improve public safety or awareness (no mention of relevant dog control laws, no tips on what to do if you see a stray dog, etc.).

3 responses to “Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada: Bylaw officer calls for breed ban

  1. Its not the breed its the owners. Dogs are not born with aggression it is something they are taught. Banning a breed just costs tax payers money and ties up our judicial system with cases where owners have to prove there dog is not a pit bull. Create good laws whcih punish irresponsible owners not innocent dogs.

  2. Chris mason

    This is ridiculous banning certain breeds the dog is not at fault lets start taking responsiobility for our actions dogs are taught to be agressive just as guns are not going to just get up and shoot someone neither is a pitbull now put either the gun or the dog in the hands of an irresponsible imoral person and yes there is a serious danger….Punish those who are responsible and leave those of us who enjoy the company of a loyal faithfull companion

  3. ok here i see again bout this pittbull ban and here is what i have to say …..since these dogs are trained locked in cages on three foot chains n unsocialized n to be aggresive not cool i have a a southern white american bulldog n she is always accused of bein a pitter ive owned more then one pitbulls that never attacked cuz they were loved n raised with small kids not to be understated pp gettin a full grown pitbull or any dog near kids its bulls… it like saying blck on black crimes are over populated n 90 percent of jails are black native mexican so lets ban and euthinize criminals lets face it they all end up back in jail right so lets ban them solve the problem i highly dougbt it leave the dogs alone make the owners pay ………or ban the government a dog is property by law like a tv or other personal item smokes n booze kill way more ppl a yr ban them