Grande Prairie, Alberta, CA: BSL may be repealed

City officials are working on new animal control bylaws that could remove the breed-specific language from Grande Prairie’s current law. A draft is in the works; nothing official has been created yet.

Currently in Grande Prairie, “pit bulls” (including any dog that looks like a “pit bull”) are considered “restricted breeds” and are subject to “vicious dog” restrictions such as muzzles in public, special containment, liability insurance, and so forth.

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Animal control bylaw to be rewritten

By DAMIEN WOOD, Herald-Tribune staff
Updated 1 day ago

[…] Several changes to the existing bylaw were brought to city council’s protective services committee Tuesday for feedback. Roth and senior bylaw officer Mario Paradis were given the OK to go back and draft the new animal control legislation and then bring it back for final approval.

The proposed changes include:

• Doing away with breed-specific legislation, as well as allowing removal of vicious dog sanctions placed on an animal’s owner, if approved behavioural training is completed and there are no incidents for three years.[…]

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