Town of Ladysmith, BC, Canada: Committee to ponder BSL repeal

The town of Ladysmith currently has breed-specific language that considers all “pit bulls” to be “restricted breeds.” The bylaw can be read here:

Ladysmith council has been asked by two residents who own bull terriers to consider repealing breed-specific language. In February, the council sent the request to a committee.

From the Feb 21, 2011 Council Meeting Minutes at

Chris and Beverley Wood – Request to remove breed-specific langauge from the Dog Licensing, Control and Pound Bylaw
It was moved and seconded that the correspondence from Chris and Beverley Wood dated January 26, 2011 regarding a request to consider removing breed specific language from the Dog Licensing, Control and Pound Bylaw be referred to a committee to review and report back to Council, and that the committee include members of the committee that previously reviewed this issue, and that Chris Wood and Councillor Evans also be appointed to the committee.
Question Period
Matt Peterson, Ladysmith Chronicle, inquired about the Council’s direction regarding a review of the Dog Licensing, Control and Pound Bylaw.

The news article written by Matt Peterson for the Ladysmith Chronicle can be found here:

More recently, an editorial(?) on, from the Daily News (possibly Nanimo) issued a pro-BSL stance—note that the two residents in Ladysmith have been transformed into a “very determined lobby”:

[…]The latest development is to be the Town of Ladysmith bending to pressure from a very determined lobby seeking to overturn breed-specific bylaws.

While breed bans are ineffective and miss the point entirely, and any municipality with such a bylaw ought to review such a ban, there are some good reasons to maintain regulations that are breed-specific.[…]

Although news media should take responsibility for their published opinions, I am unable to confirm the source of this editorial, and there does not appear to be a place to leave comments online—so the anonymous person who wrote this article can slink away without being taken to task for the misinformation and slant presented in this editorial. The full editorial can be read here:

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