Illinois HB 1080 hearing, March 8

Illinois state law currently prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws. HB 1080 would undo this prohibition and permit any municipality to declare dogs dangerous based on breed.

Agriculture & Conservation Committee hearing onHB 1080 has been moved to March 8. Residents, please attend the committee meeting on Tuesday, March 8, and express your opposition to House Bill 1080.
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.
Where: Room 413, Stratton Building, 401 S. Spring St., Springfield, Illinois
Directions to the Stratton Building:

Contact info for committee members:
Lisa M. Dugan, (217) 782-5981, FAX (217) 558-4553
Patrick J. Verschoore, (217) 782-5970, FAX (217) 558-1253
Jim Sacia,
Kelly Burke, (217) 782-0515, FAX (217) 789-4899
Mary E. Flowers,
Brandon W. Phelps,
Dan Reitz,
Jason Barickman,
John D. Cavaletto, (217) 782-0066, FAX (217) 782-1336
Norine Hammond, (217) 782-0416
Chad Hays, (217) 782-4811
Jack McGuire,
Donald L. Moffitt,
Wayne Rosenthal, (217) 782-8071
Frank Mautino,

All alerts for Illinois HB 1080:

The bill may be read and tracked here:

2 responses to “Illinois HB 1080 hearing, March 8

  1. nathan gutmann

    These politicians need to get right with the world. With all the bad things going on in Illinois right now how can they ignore the obvious problems in the state and spend their time on a bill this ridiculous? The pay raises they give themselves and the utter neglect of their voters speaks volumes about the priorities in our government! I have a rottweiller, he is the perfect pet and companion, no complaints EVER from neighbors, hotels or ANYONE!! The dogs are NEVER the problem it is the people and the quality of time they spend with the dog! Isn’t it ironic that BULLY politicians are trying to pass legislation on BULLY breeds? I prefer they leave dogs alone and go for the irresponsible people that own the dogs, leash law enforcement, fenced yards these are solutions.I wouldn’t argue with a muzzle law on politicians however!!!

  2. Kim Berryman

    Please do not let this Bill pass- it will be a step backward for IL. Instead focus should be on educating people about the breeds that they will be targeting to ban with this Bill.