Illinois: HB1080 committee hearing, March 15

Illinois state law currently prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws. HB 1080 would undo this prohibition and permit any municipality to declare dogs dangerous based on breed. HB 1080 has recently gained an amendment and a co-sponsor, Rep. Jehan A. Gordon.

The Agriculture & Conservation Committee hearing on HB 1080 has been moved to March 15. Residents, please attend the committee meeting on Tuesday, March 15, and express your opposition to House Bill 1080.

When: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.
Where: Room 413, Stratton Building, 401 S. Spring St., Springfield, Illinois
Directions to the Stratton Building:

Contact info for bill author and co-sponsor:
Author Rep. John E. Bradley,
Co-sponsor, Rep. Jehan A. Gordon,

Contact info for committee members:

Lisa M. Dugan, (217) 782-5981, FAX (217) 558-4553
Patrick J. Verschoore, (217) 782-5970, FAX (217) 558-1253
Jim Sacia,
Kelly Burke, (217) 782-0515, FAX (217) 789-4899
Mary E. Flowers,
Brandon W. Phelps,
Dan Reitz,
Jason Barickman,
John D. Cavaletto, (217) 782-0066, FAX (217) 782-1336
Norine Hammond, (217) 782-0416
Chad Hays, (217) 782-4811
Jack McGuire,
Donald L. Moffitt,
Wayne Rosenthal, (217) 782-8071
Frank Mautino,

All alerts for Illinois HB 1080:

The bill may be read and tracked here:

One response to “Illinois: HB1080 committee hearing, March 15

  1. I just heard that the request to have a BSL went out to try to pass. I am not an owner of a pitbull or rottweiler however I have a great friend that has both and are truly WONDERFUL dogs. They are wonderful dogs because she is a responsible pet owner! You can not and should not blame the entire breed for some bad ones and truly what is bad is the OWNERS and the people that are giving these dogs to just anyone! Why are we not trying to pass a law that has guidelines and obligations when adopting out the breed, research the owners, ensure the dogs are spayed/neutered, training requirements, etc. When you adopt a dog you need to do your research and people are not doing their research and there is no accountability for that. Take that and get justice that way, DO NOT force people to move out of state or worse case scenario euthanize a family member. The people that are adopting the dogs out are not being responsible and maybe you should ban them from Illinois and not the innocent dogs that never did anything. That is discrimination and as a country we are taught to not discriminate!!!

    Bad thing is there are so many more LITTLE dogs being vicious but because of their size it is not made a big deal. This past week I have a friend that has a shitzu mix and bit her son out of no where! Are we going to ban all shitzu’s now? My brother has a chihuahua and if it does not like someone it tries to bite their ankles, are we going to ban them as well?

    Believe me anyone that is injured by ANY dog I feel bad, we just need to find a better way to deal with these situations rather then just terminate a life~

    I found the below on a website and felt it was well said…

    Some people won’t agree with me, but banning specific breeds because of their name or supposedly bad reputation seems akin to banning certain ethnicities from living within city limits because of history. You cannot judge the actions of an entire breed on the basis of a few bad dogs who were taught to fight by humans.

    So please do the right thing and save my friends family!


    Sue Parse