Center Point, IA: Whispers of BSL

Center Point residents may request a breed ban or restrictions during an upcoming council meeting. Please send polite, informative materials to city officials, and attend upcoming council meetings if you are able.

Contact information for city officials:
City Administrator Steve Winger,
City Clerk Melissa Atkinson,
(You may send correspondence to the city clerk and request that it be distributed to council members.)

City council meetings are held on the second Tuesday and last Wednesday of each month. Next city council meeting: March 30, 7:00 PM, in Council chambers, 200 Franklin Street.

Center Point Dog Attack May Prompt Breed Ban Attempt

Posted March 17, 2011 11:24 am by Dave Franzman/SourceMedia Group News

CENTER POINT- A attack by a pit bull dog Wednesday afternoon will apparently prompt an attempt to get that breed of dog banned in Center Point.[…]

Zach Melton, director of the Cedar Valley Humane Society, said studies show a ban of one breed is not effective in controlling animal attacks. But he also said it is a common community response after an incident like the one in Center Point.[…]

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One response to “Center Point, IA: Whispers of BSL

    In many instances where cities have enacted BSL, US courts have later found these laws to be unconstitutional:
    – The Alabama Supreme Court – WAF/Sheila Tack v. Huntsville Alabama (2002): upheld a decision that pit bulls were no more inherently dangerous than any other breed. This case was very costly to the city of Huntsville.