MA H01455 would sanction BSL in Massachusetts

Edit 12/2011: Since this bill never made it out of committee, we believe it is dead.

Edit 5/27/11: This bill was heard by the joint committee on 5/11/11.

Rep. Vincent Pedone has filed MA H01455. This is a refiling of last session’s HB 1997. H01455 provides guidelines for municipalities to ban or restrict breeds of dogs.

View the full text of H01455 here.

Section 174H. (a) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a city or town or district from banning or further regulating a particular breed of dog.

(b) Any city or town may further regulate or ban a particular breed of dog with a majority vote of the governing body.

(c) Upon the vote of a city or town to regulate or ban a particular breed of dog, said city or town shall establish a board consisting of 3 members to identify and determine the breed of dogs in said city or town, subject to the governing regulation. The 3 board members shall consist of: 2 members of the public that are appointed by the city manager or mayor, one of which must be considered an expert in field of animals; and the animal control officer or a designee.

(d) If a particular breed of dog is further regulated or banned, the regulation or ban shall not take effect until 180 days after the vote by the city or town.

H01455 has been assigned to the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. A hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Contact the following legislators to state your OPPOSITION to H01455.

Bill author
Rep. Vincent Pedone,

Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government members:
Sen. James T. Welch,
Sen. Daniel A. Wolf,
Rep. Michael F. Kane,
Rep. Joyce A. Spiliotis,
Sen. Gale D. Candaras,
Sen. James E. Timilty,
Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz,
Sen. Richard J. Ross,
Rep. Cleon H. Turner,
Rep. Sean Garballey,
Rep. Brian M. Ashe,
Rep. Timothy R. Madden,
Rep. Gailanne M. Cariddi,
Rep. Mark J. Cusack,
Rep. Jerald A. Parisella,
Rep. Kevin J. Kuros,
Rep. Ryan C. Fattman,

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H01455 may be read and tracked here:

One response to “MA H01455 would sanction BSL in Massachusetts

  1. I know this is a cry that potentially will not be heard. I have been hoping that BSL would be repealed nationwide. It is not the dogs that are bad, but the people that own and raise them. As a responsible dog owner I take full responsibility in raising a peaceable and loving dog. She loves kids, and other animals, and has not a mean bone in her body. For some time now I have been helping to transport the banned Pits to safe havens, and I feel as though America has become Nazi Germany in regards to the BSL. This is a wonderful breed that has been misunderstood because of the people that want to fight them and do illegal things, causing the good name of the Pit Bull at risk. Please give these dogs and their responsible owners a chance to prove that this legislation is not needed. Punish the criminals but not the dogs. The dogs are innocent, much like the Jews in Auschwitz. They do no harm. This Ban does nothing. It is like making guns illegal..then the criminals get them anyway..the honest will suffer. Most Pitties and Bully breeds are members of a human family causing great grief and mourning if they are taken. Look at the misery in Denver…There has to be a better way. I was born and raised in this great Bay State and I never thought I would see this come to pass. I know longer have my AmStaff, but she lives with a friend while I am on the road, In some states they would take her and euthanize her because of the BSL….She is in Massachusetts…I will continue to pull Pit Bulls from BSL states and bring them to safety…much like the Jews and Poles in Germany…if need be. But I have seen the faces of those that had to relinquish their animals, and it is not a pretty sight! Humans are above this behaviour, we are supposed to be the superior species, yet we resort to murder and killing out of fear and ignorance.
    Please do not pass this bill….out of respect to the Red, White, and Blue…..Show the rest of the USA Massachusetts will not stand for Breed Discrimination!!!! We may be small but we have honor! There is no honor in killing innocents!