Beatrice, NE: BSL to be proposed and voted on, March 21

The first hints of BSL in Beatrice arose exactly one year ago. The proposal categorizes all “pit bulls” as “potentially dangerous” dogs.

Beatrice city council will discuss the proposal during their meeting on March 21 at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, Administration Building, 320 N 5th Street, Beatrice, NE.

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Council to discuss new animal ordinance

Posted: Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:00 am

[…] While the ordinance wouldn’t ban people from having pit bulls as pets, it will require various breed-specific laws for pit bull owners.

City attorney Tobias Tempelmeyer said a major difference in the proposed ordinance is it would automatically classify pit bulls as “potentially-dangerous” animals.

“The ordinance does state that pit bulls will have the same guidelines that a potentially dangerous animal would have to follow,” Tempelmeyer said. “Basically, there’s a permit you have to get, registration and an insurance requirement.”[…]

Tempelmeyer worked with animal control officer Steve Bragg, City Council member David “Pede” Catlin and Humane Society executive director Gina Grone to put the ordinance together.

Tempelmeyer said Grone was not a supporter of the breed-specific portion of the ordinance.

“The Humane Society has made it clear that they don’t like that part, but they understand it and they’ll make their plea during the council meetings,” Tempelmeyer said. “I expect you’ll have some people that step up and voice their opinion one way or the other. (The ordinance) is by no means in its final form today. There will be an opportunity for council members to amend it. I’m sure somebody else is thinking of something that we maybe just haven’t addressed and it’ll give us an opportunity to amend it as needed.”

Tempelmeyer added the ordinance will likely be read at the next three council meetings before a final decision is made.[…]

In addition to breed-specific legislation, the proposed ordinance has a few other minor changes, most of which are clarifications.[…]

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One response to “Beatrice, NE: BSL to be proposed and voted on, March 21

  1. when are they going to start going after the irresponisible owners! i have a 4yr old male pitbull and everyone tells me when they meet him that hes so nice and not aggressive at all. thats the same story with alot of responsible owners we raise them right! humans are a dangerous “breed” we going to ban ourselves! come on people wake up and quit being completely one sided! any dog can be dangerous if raised that way!