Illinois HB1080: Re-referred to Rules Committee

October update: HB1080 is most likely dead. There has been no effort to revive it.

Illinois HB1080, which would allow all municipalities to pass BSL in Illinois, was re-referred to the Rules Committee on March 17. Illinois residents should continue to contact their legislators and the Rules Committee legislators to oppose HB1080.

What happened: March 17 was the deadline for all House bills to report out of committee. All bills that did not report out of their assigned committees by the deadline, including HB1080, were returned to the Rules Committee, per Rule 19(a).

What could happen next: Some people call Rules Committee re-referrals “the graveyard where bills go to die.” It is certainly possible that the bill will die here. However, if the Rules Committee perceives that the bill has enough support in the legislature, the Rules Committee may choose to move the bill to the House floor for debate and vote. For this reason, it is critical that Illinois residents continue to contact both their own legislators and the Rules Committee to oppose HB1080.

In your correspondence to legislators, please remain BRIEF and POLITE. Hundreds of bills were re-referred to the Rules Committee on Friday. The committee members aren’t likely to be familiar with every one of these bills.

Find your Representatives here (by address, district or zip code):

Rules Committee members:
Barbara Flynn Currie, (217) 782-8121, FAX (217) 524-1794
Timothy L. Schmitz,
Lou Lang,
David R. Leitch,
Frank J. Mautino,

Tracking for HB1080:

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One response to “Illinois HB1080: Re-referred to Rules Committee

  1. What has this world come to that we are profiling innocent animals !Is playing the fear card with these local politicians only way they can justify their positions and take away our companion animals.Please inform anyone you can ,as i’m finding many area owners have no clue whats going on ,or that their pet may be included,or plain brainwashed by media, in this BSL of tyrant proportions -Get involved -educate all and save these blessed animals from restriction and eventualy death !