Aberdeen, SD reminder: Breed-specific amendment may be proposed, March 21

Aberdeen, SD city council will hold a second vote on animal ordinance revisions on March 21. These revisions are currently breed-neutral (NOT breed-specific).

During the last council meeting, Councilmember David Bunsness offered up an amendment that would ban “pit bulls” from Aberdeen. The vote on the amendment was tied, with four councilmembers in support, and four against. Note that one councilmember did not vote (maybe not present).

Bunsness intends to try to pass the amendment again during the ordinance’s second reading (Monday, March 21). He only needs one more councilmember’s support to tip the balance in favor of BSL.

Residents of Aberdeen are encouraged to attend the council meeting and show your opposition to Bunsness’s breed-specific amendment.

Next city council meeting: Monday, March 21, at 5:30 PM at 123 South Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Contact info for city officials:
Mayor Mike J. Levsen, mayor@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted for ban)
Phone: (605) 626-7025
Jim Kraft, james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted against ban)
Jeff Mitchell, jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted against ban)
Todd Campbell, todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us  (No vote)
Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted against ban)
Clint Rux, clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us (Voted against ban)
Laure Swanson, laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted for ban)
Tom Agnitsch, tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us  (Voted for ban)
David Bunsness, david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us  (Proposed ban)

Email block for cut-and-paste:
mayor@aberdeen.sd.us; james.kraft@aberdeen.sd.us; jeff.mitchell@aberdeen.sd.us; todd.campbell@aberdeen.sd.us; jennifer.slaight-hansen@aberdeen.sd.us; clint.rux@aberdeen.sd.us; laure.swanson@aberdeen.sd.us; tom.agnitsch@aberdeen.sd.us; david.bunsness@aberdeen.sd.us

All alerts for Aberdeen, SD: http://stopbsl.com/?s=aberdeen+sd

2 responses to “Aberdeen, SD reminder: Breed-specific amendment may be proposed, March 21

  1. Billy de Goede

    I am at a total loss as to why Mr Bunsness has proposed an amendment that would ban pit bulls from Aberdeen – and why anyone would vote in support of this. What experience – NOT sensational articles in papers like the Daily Mail! – is this based on? It is not a specific breed that needs banning, it is irresponsible OWNERS that need to be banned from having any dog at all! ANY dog, regardless of breed, can be raised to be vicious or out of control. What does Mr Bunsness want to achieve? That good people, who have a dog that would conform to the “pit bull tick list” (as the pit bull is not a recognised breed in this country) living in fear of their canine friend being taken away, and resorting to walking their dogs at night? And that irresponsible owners, who just don’t care, allow their dogs to be taken away and point their focus on another, not yet banned, breed of dog to ruin? Because that is EXACTLY what is happening at the moment. Please inform yourselves with the FACTS before you make such a hasty decision with horrid consequences. A particular dog breed as such does not injure or kill – it’s IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP that does!

  2. Being a resident in Aberdeen, I am especially outraged by this proposal. Some members of the council believe that because there 39 dog bites last year, with 8 supposedly by pit bulls, that there is a pit bull problem in town. With a population of 26,000, 38 bites is nothing. This law came out of nowhere, there is no problem in this town. I don’t own any dogs, but as an animal lover, this deeply concerns me. I hope the place is packed with bully supporters.