Waxhaw, NC: Council to discuss changes to animal ordinance, March 22

After a fatal dog attack in Waxhaw in January, city officials discussed revisions to their animal control ordinance. Breed-specific legislation or a ban was mentioned by at least one official. However, other officials did not seem supportive of BSL.

During the March 22 council meeting, Waxhaw city council will hear from Chief Eiss of the Waxhaw Police Department regarding changes to the animal ordinance. Residents are encouraged to attend and ensure that suggested changes are reasonable, enforceable, and breed-neutral.

Read more about Waxhaw here: http://stopbsl.com/?s=waxhaw

Waxhaw Board of Commissioners meeting, March 22 at 6:30 PM, at the Museum of the Waxhaws. View the agenda here.

Please be RESPECTFUL in all correspondence to Waxhaw officials. It is unknown at this time whether they are going to propose BSL.

Waxhaw officials contact info
Mayor Daune Gardner, 704-843-2195 ext 27, mayor@waxhaw.com
Mayor Pro Tem Martin Lane, 704-843-9606, mlane@waxhaw.com
Commissioner Joyce Blythe, 704-843-2246, jblythe@waxhaw.com
Commissioner Erin Kirkpatrick, 704-843-2195, ekirkpatrick@waxhaw.com
Commissioner Phillip Gregory, 704-843-2195, pgregory@waxhaw.com
Commissioner Brett Diller, 704-843-2195, bdiller@waxhaw.com
Town Manager Michael McLaurin, 704-843-2195 ext 25, mmclaurin@waxhaw.com

One response to “Waxhaw, NC: Council to discuss changes to animal ordinance, March 22

  1. Amanda Harrison

    I just want to say that BSL is not a solution to any problem except allowing people to kill your pets. BSL is not needed. What is needed are laws that enforce owners to be held accountable for their pets. Maybe passing a law similar to what Michigan has, anyone under 18 years old can not own or walk a “bully” breed dog, make it so convicted drug dealers and violent felons are not allowed to own or posses a “bully” breed dog. Make sapy/neuter a mandatory law except for breeders who breed to improve the breed by producing “show quality” dogs. Fact: Out of the estimated 53 million dogs in the United States 92 fatal attacks are contributed to Pit Bulls or Pit Bull Mixes (2 were from American Staffordshire Terriers) from 1965-2001.

    Source: Fatal Dog Attacks by Karen Delise

    Imagine that. 53 million dogs. 92 fatal attacks out of 431 that span a 37 year period (1965-2001). Now I ask you, after looking at the numbers do we have a dangerous dog problem?

    During that time period for my state of Kentucky there were 9 fatal dog attacks. Only one was a Pit Bull “type” dog.

    Another attack during that time frame for my state was a Dachshund that killed a 14 day old baby after jumping in his crib.

    Do we have a dangerous dog problem or is it being sensationalized to sell newspapers and create panic?

    Fatal dog attacks by dangerous dogs are almost non-existent. 20 a year out of millions of dogs. The percentages are estimated to be somewhere around .0000004% of dog attacks are fatal