Aberdeen, SD: Breed-neutral animal ordinance passes

Aberdeen, SD passed a breed-neutral animal ordinance during its second reading last night. Six amendments were offered, including two amendments that would have made the ordinance breed-specific. Both of the breed-specific amendments failed to pass. Councilmembers David Bunsness and Laure Swanson proposed the two breed-specific amendments.

Aberdeen passes changes to animal regulations

Pit bull motions fail to gain majority support

 BY JEFF BAHR, jbahr@aberdeennews.com
12:00 a.m. CDT, March 22, 2011

[…] The City Council approved the second reading of the city’s animal control laws — the main action of the night — by a 5-4 margin. Voting in favor of passage were Clint Rux, Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, Todd Campbell, Jeff Mitchell and Jim Kraft. Opposing the revised laws were Laure Swanson, David Bunsness, Tom Agnitsch and Mayor Mike Levsen.[…]

• For the second meeting in a row, Bunsness introduced a motion to ban pit bulls in Aberdeen. […]

 Later, Bunsness made a motion that pit bulls be automatically declared dangerous and vicious, without any incident necessary. […]

• […] An amendment, offered by Swanson, would have included pit bulls in the dangerous and vicious category without labeling them as such. Both the Bunsness and Swanson amendments failed.[…]

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2 responses to “Aberdeen, SD: Breed-neutral animal ordinance passes

  1. This was a hard fought battle and in the end we were able to sway enough members to our side. In the beginning, Jennifer Slaight-Hansen was leaning toward voting for a ban, but she says that she was motivated to change her position by the mountain of information that was sent to her form people all over the globe.


    Thanks for helping us make Aberdeen, SD a bit more pit-friendly.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Collins

  2. selwyn marock South Africa

    Well Done all in Aberdeen,Great Job.