Seward County, KS: Opportunity to repeal BSL

Seward County, KS has had a breed ban since 1991, and recently passed a resolution that eliminated the grandfather clause. Now, a resident has requested a new grandfather clause or elimination of the ban. The county commissioners have mixed opinions about it, with some supporting repeal, and others opposing.

This may provide an opportunity to encourage the county to repeal the breed-specific portion of their dog law. Residents and others are encouraged to send polite, respectful correspondence in support of an effective breed-neutral approach to animal control.

County Administrator Mary Bloomer,
C.J. Wettstein,
Ada J. Linenbroker,
Randy Malin, Vice Chair,
Doug LaFreniere,
Jim Rice, Chairman,

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515 N Washington, Suite 206, Liberal, KS 67901
Ph: (620) 626-3212
Fx: (620) 626-3397

Pits bulls or No pit bulls

By ROBERT PIERCE, Leader & Times
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 13:07

[…] “The one option you can do is just repeal the resolution, and pit bulls are legal in Seward County,” [county counsel Dan Diepenbrock] said. “Another option would be to add another grandfather clause to the resolution you adopted resolution that would grandfather the dogs and not the owner. Any dogs that would be alive at the time the grandfather clause is adopted could stay in Seward County, but you wouldn’t be permitted to continue to breed.”[…]

The board voted 4-1, with Linenbroker voting against, to revisit the resolution. Wettstein suggested the commission make a decision one way or the other as soon as the next meeting on April 4.

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  1. Will you be attending the meet on the 4th of April