Ecorse, MI: Opportunity to repeal BSL

Thanks to Jodi for this alert!

The city of Ecorse, Michigan is interested in public feedback regarding its pit bull ban passed in 2006. This is an excellent opportunity for positive change!

Please take a moment to write to the Ecorse city officials to encourage them to repeal their breed specific ordinance and enact a breed-neutral law that combats irresponsible dog ownership practices – not particular breeds of dogs. Individual e-mail contact information is not available for the city council members, but letters and suggestions can be faxed to the city clerk with a polite request to distribute to the mayor and city council members.

Jodi Preis, Bless the Bullys,

City of Ecorse, 3869 West Jefferson Avenue, Albert J. Buday Civic Center, Ecorse, Michigan 48229-1798
Phone (313) 386-2520
Fax: (313) 386-4316

Mayor Larry Salisbury,
Mayor Pro Tem Theresa A. Peguese, 313-386-2520 x 400
City Clerk Charles Hunter, 313-386-2520

City Council
Julie Cox
Arnold Lackey
Brenda R. Banks
Nathaniel Elem
Jay Strassner

ECORSE: City looks to lighten vicious dog ordinance

Published: Sunday, March 27, 2011
By Lisa Yensen

ECORSE — The city is looking at possible changes to its vicious dog ordinance.

Since 2006, pit bulls have not been allowed in the city.

That includes bull terriers, Staffordshire or American Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers and any breeds with those mixes.[…]

The city is looking into whether it is too difficult to enforce the ordinance.

“If it’s problematic, we’d be willing to take it back for reconsideration with City Council and so we can get public feedback, as well,” city Emergency Financial Manager Joyce Parker said. […]

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An earlier article in Detroit news media about Ecorse’s pit bull ban indicates problems with enforcement (probably related to breed ID issues).

Ecorse Has Pit Bull Ban, But Struggles To Enforce

POSTED: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ECORSE, Mich. — A recent pit bull attack on a couple has Ecorse reviewing its rules on owning the breed of dogs.

Ecorse has a ban on pit bulls and other dog breeds with aggressive reputations. However, neighbors said many Ecorse residents still own the pets and keep them out in the open.[…]

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2 responses to “Ecorse, MI: Opportunity to repeal BSL

  1. you guys are just making a big deal people need to mind their own business… all dogs bite an have teeth… any dog can fight or be vicious!!! LEAVE THE PITBULL ALONE

  2. What a fricken joke! Punish dogs for being born into a world where people have created the problem! How arragant and stupid, anyone thinks its the animals fault. Ive owned 8 pits and can tell you- there is ones that are ghetto raised and ones that are family raised. There is a big difference. Look what people have done to this breed, its sad and cruel, and yetthey pay the price!