Seward County, KS: Commission to discuss ban, April 4

Seward County, KS, has had a breed ban since 1991, and recently passed a resolution that eliminated the grandfather clause. Now, a resident has requested a new grandfather clause or elimination of the ban. The county commissioners have mixed opinions about it, with some supporting repeal, and others opposing.

The commissioners are expected to make some kind of decision about the resolution during the commission meeting on April 4 at 5:30 PM, in the Seward County Administration Building, Suite 206, 515 N. Washington, Liberal, Kansas, 67901. This topic IS on the agenda for the April 4 meeting. Residents of Seward County, please attend the meeting and encourage county commissioners to remove the breed-specific language from the animal ordinance.

County Administrator Mary Bloomer,
C.J. Wettstein,
Ada J. Linenbroker,
Randy Malin, Vice Chair,
Doug LaFreniere,
Jim Rice, Chairman,

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One response to “Seward County, KS: Commission to discuss ban, April 4

  1. I know this is a cry that potentially will not be heard. I have been hoping that BSL would be repealed nationwide. It is not the dogs that are bad, but the people that own and raise them. As a responsible dog owner I take full responsibility in raising a peaceable and loving dog. She loves kids, and other animals, and has not a mean bone in her body. For several years now I have been helping to transport the banned Pits to safe havens, and I feel as though America has become Nazi Germany in regards to the BSL. This is a wonderful breed that has been misunderstood because of the people that want to fight them and do illegal things, causing the good name of the Pit Bull at risk. Please give these dogs and their responsible owners a chance to prove that this legislation is not needed. Punish the criminals but not the dogs. The dogs are innocent, much like the Jews in Auschwitz. They do no harm.