Patterson, LA: BSL passed

Thanks to Jodi for this article. Patterson is very small town and was not on anyone’s radar.

Another city approves pit bull restrictions

Posted: Apr 7, 2011 10:33 PM by Shawn Kline

For pit bull owners, the collar is getting tighter almost everywhere you go.

Patterson city council passing an ordinance Tuesday restricting the ownership of pit bulls, but is the city just picking a bone? […]

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One response to “Patterson, LA: BSL passed

  1. This truly is so sad. For a city, small or large, to pass a ban on a specific breed of dog based solely on someone being afraid of the dog even though nothing happened is horrendous. What is wrong with some people? It’s maddening and only motives me to work harder advocating for pit bulls here in Portland Oregon where we don’t have any breed specific legislation looming but it’s best to be proactive.

    At some point the authorities will be forced to recognize that the only way to keep people safe from dogs is to hold the dog owners 100% responsible for the actions of their dogs.