Aurora, CO: Committee to consider repeal of BSL, April 11

Aurora city council will contemplate a variety of actions regarding their current BSL, including a possible repeal of the law. Notably, staff is referencing Dogsbite and quotes from a very old news article to support their BSL, while their own bite statistics clearly demonstrate that the BSL has not improved public safety whatsoever.

What: City Council Study Session, 1st Floor Aurora Room, Monday, April 11, 2011, 5:30 p.m

Thanks to Jodi for this additional info:

The meeting in which they are discussing changing the law is the study session meeting, prior to the city council meeting… While you can not speak at the study session meeting, it gives a huge message to council members when there are several people in the room. They will not be discussing this matter at the regular city council meeting at 7:30, but you can speak with a time limit of 3 minutes at that meeting if you wish.

Email for questions.

View the council discussion packet here:

Aurora Mayor and City Council, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Fifth Floor, Aurora, CO 80012

5 responses to “Aurora, CO: Committee to consider repeal of BSL, April 11

  1. Tłumaczenie (polski > angielski)
    Hi, I am pleased with the fact that more people can not see the point in scaring further dog breeds. It made no sense from the very beginning and there is evidence. Regards Zbyszek Poland.

  2. Ken Christensen

    To Whom It May Concern About BSL Laws:

    It amazes me how ignorant the human species can be. This is no less then genocide, period. A dog is a dog, no less and no more. They are not aggressive by nature, only by guidance and training are they put down that path. So is it the species fault or the humans? Stop putting the blame on GOD’s creatures and take responsibility for our own actions. Prosecute the guilty humans, and protect and defend the animals. I own five AmStaffs and one rescue. In my 46 years on this earth and having experience with many different breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier is the most loving, loyal, and forgiving breed there is. They have done nothing but serve us in what ever we ask of them, i.e. farm help, protection, search and rescue, police dogs, service dogs, used in wars to help our soldiers. They were used in rodeos to distract the bulls when the riders fell, which is the job the clowns do now. Do you even know where the term “pit bull” comes from? It does not come from fighting them. Years ago when the ranchers needs to work on a 900lbs+ bull, they called on this breed for help. The ring in the bull’s nose goes through a nerve. It would take up to three of these dogs to grab the ring and pull the bull down. The nerve would allow the ranchers to work on the bulls without fear of getting harmed. Years ago when you sent your son to the store to buy what the farm did not produce, it was these dogs dragging back the bought products on a burlap sack back to the farm. That is why there are what’s known as “pull dogs” competitions. We no longer use them on farms since the early 1900’s, so the pulling sport was created. Their jaws do not lock. There are no dogs that have locking jaws. Tell a vet that you had your AmStaff jaws worked on so they don’t lock and the vet will laugh you out of the office. Their ears and tails are cropped for farm use, not just for fighting. So since we no longer use them as much as we used to, let’s just throw them away like toilet paper. They are as much a part of this county as apple pie and baseball. If it was not for their service to us humans, we would not be where we are today. I cannot tell you how many people I have educated on this breed. I own a tow truck and my AmStaff rides next to me everyday all day. She will kill you alright, but you better bring a towel to dry yourself off. The most dangerous thing on her or any of my AmStaff’s is their tongue. They will lick you to death with love and that is it, period. I see more aggression on other breeds, of most that are the small dogs. Three (3) percent of all dogs bites reported are “Pitts”. Eighty (80) percent of the three (3) percent are “mixed breed”, not pure bred “Pitts”. Of which the public is miss informed, as usual. A pure bred AmStaff is a very stable dog. It is the mixed breeds that are unstable. Passing any law to discriminate a particular breed of dog is not only unfair it is flat out discrimination, bigotry, racist, in humane and cruel. The bottom line is this is genocide, murder of an animal that cannot speak out in defense of themselves. Thank GOD there are intelligent people out there that understand and know the real truth about “Pitts”. The true name for these wonderful dogs is American Staffordshire Terriers, and the only reason I use the term “pitt” is that is the only way people know them as. People that call them “Pitts” are using a derogatory name that is very disrespectful to the breed. Any BSL laws are wrong, period. Please do some actual research and get a true understanding of these dogs before you judge them or sentence them to death. I know myself and many other AmStaff owners will not roll over and let this happen without a fight. I will protect my family at any cost. Get the picture?

    Thank you for your time and listening to my input on this matter.

    Mr. Ken Christensen, Akira, Buster, Diesel, Latifah, Kalena, Gloria

  3. Does anyone know what the outcome of this session was beyond the endless bureaucratic circle discussion? Have they come to a decision and if not when will they actually decide? I live in Aurora and am the owner of a big, drooling, overly friendly Cane Corso so this legislation directly effects us and him… We were grandfathered in and are currently living with all kinds of annoying restrictions including signs on my house that state “WARNING – A pitbull or restricted dog lives here” and a ridiculous annual license fee of $125.00 not to mention a laundry list of other BS. I have checked online and have not been able to discover what the plan is.

    • stopbslcom

      Conni, although the council has said that they plan to remove the breed-specific restrictions for all the currently-restricted breeds except “pit bulls,” I do not think they have done so yet, and I do not think they have set any dates for action. Please contact the city council and ask them about the timeline / plan for this process.

  4. I was able to speak with the City Attorney of Aurora, CO this AM. He sent me the new ordinance which contains 3 major changes. 1) The other 7 restricted breeds have been removed from the BSL list for Aurora CO leaving the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier still on the list. 2)The exception to the remaining breeds is the Service Dog exemption. 3) There is a DNA test that is now allowed for owners to provide should their dog come under scrutiny. They were short one vote in May to complete eliminate the Aurora BSL. If you would like I can forward the complete ordinance to you directly. One step ahead, but genocide on the bully breeds seems to still be in the works….