Aurora, CO: Council considers partial breed ban repeal

Aurora, CO city council has agreed to consider a repeal the breed ban on seven breeds (American Bulldogs, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brasileiros, Presa Mallorquins, Presa Canarios, Tosa Inus, and any mixed breed dog resembling one of these), but the ban on “pit bulls” (APBT, AST, SBT, and mixes resembling one of these) will remain in place. There will be an exemption process for service dogs.

The council only had ears and eyes for “pit bull” bite numbers, and ignored the data that demonstrated that non-restricted breeds’ bites, including severe bites, have not decreased since the ban went into place. Evidently, Aurora city council doesn’t care about its residents unless they are bitten by a “pit bull”-looking dog.

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City Council compromise: Breed ban would stay, list would shrink

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 8:34 pm | Updated: 10:52 pm, Mon Apr 11, 2011.
SARA CASTELLANOS, The Aurora Sentinel

AURORA | A proposal would allow pit bulls in Aurora only as service dogs while whittling the list of restricted breeds from 10 to three.

That was the compromise that Aurora City Council members came to at their Monday study session meeting. The issue will come before them for a formal vote on April 25.[…]

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One response to “Aurora, CO: Council considers partial breed ban repeal

  1. Jennifer Bryant

    I couldn’t have said it better! Council members even commented this pit bull thing will be over after the next meeting on the 25th. Let’s show them it will not! If you would like to help in our efforts, particularly if you are an Aurora Citizen or a have experience that can help us, contact Aurora Citizens Promoting Responsible Ownership at Thank you!