Xenia, OH: Council to discuss breed ban, April 14

Xenia, OH will discuss a proposed pit bull ban during a special session tonight, April 14, at 6:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 101 N. Detroit Street, Xenia. Residents may speak at the council meeting. Keep in mind, Ohio already labels all “pit bulls” to be “vicious” dogs, and places restrictions on their ownership.

Contact information for city officials:
Jeanne Mills, Council President, jmills@ci.xenia.oh.us
William (Bill) R. Miller, Vice President, bmiller@ci.xenia.oh.us
Marsha J. Bayless, Mayor, mbayless@ci.xenia.oh.us
John G. Caupp, jcaupp@ci.xenia.oh.us
Michael D. Engle, mengle@ci.xenia.oh.us
Dale Louderback, dlouderback@ci.xenia.oh.us
Wesley Smith, wsmith@ci.xenia.oh.us
City Clerk, (937) 376-7235, mjohnson@ci.xenia.oh.us

Email block for cut and paste:
jmills@ci.xenia.oh.us; bmiller@ci.xenia.oh.us; mbayless@ci.xenia.oh.us; jcaupp@ci.xenia.oh.us; mengle@ci.xenia.oh.us; dlouderback@ci.xenia.oh.us; wsmith@ci.xenia.oh.us; mjohnson@ci.xenia.oh.us

Xenia Considering Banning Pit Bulls

Posted: 10:29 pm EDT April 13, 2011

XENIA, Ohio — An proposed ordinance would outlaw keeping pit bulls as pets inside Xenia city limits.

Xenia City Council will discuss the issue in a special session Thursday night. […]

The proposed ban in Xenia does not mention protecting people who already own pit bulls.

Full article retrieved 4/14/11 from http://www.whiotv.com/news/27539231/detail.html

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