Beatrice, NE: Breed-specific wording removed

Beatrice, NE council voted to remove the breed-specific language in the proposed animal ordinance revisions. It was a very close vote.

When election day comes around, please remember the folks who supported breed-discriminatory language.

Voting to remove the breed-specific language: Mayor Dennis Schuster, Calvin Carey, Alan Fetty, Allen Langdale, Erich Tiemann.
Voting to keep the breed-specific language:  Jason Schmale, Jason Moore, David “Pede” Catlin, Dwight Parde.

Please also take a moment to thank the city council for removing the breed-specific language: City Clerk feedback form:

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Council adopts new animal ordinance

By Scott Koperski/Daily Sun staff writer | Posted: Monday, April 18, 2011 9:51 pm

The Beatrice City Council voted to approve a new animal ordinance at its Monday meeting.

While the new ordinance passed, controversial wording that automatically classified pit bull breeds of dogs as potentially dangerous animals was removed.

Council member Calvin Carey, who has expressed opposition to breed-specific wording over the course of the ordinance’s three readings, proposed the amendment to the ordinance that would remove the wording […]

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