Seward County, KS: Ban may be replaced with BSL

Seward County commissioners recently repealed their longstanding ban on pit bulls, but they intend to replace the ban with a new vicious dog law that could include breed-specific regulations on pit bull ownership.

The sample vicious dog law that has been provided to them is from Elkhart, IN, a breed-neutral law that passed in 2010 despite several attempts to add a pit bull ban. The sample breed-specific law has been copied from Springfield, MO. That law passed in 2006 and has been a source of controversy ever since.

Please encourage county commissioners to drop the ineffective, expensive, and unfair breed-specific proposal in favor of an effective vicious dog law that applies to all dogs and all dog owners.

County Administrator Mary Bloomer,
C.J. Wettstein, (voted to repeal pit bull ban)
Ada J. Linenbroker, (voted to keep pit bull ban)
Randy Malin, Vice Chair, (voted to repeal pit bull ban)
Doug LaFreniere, (voted to repeal pit bull ban)
Jim Rice, Chairman, (voted to keep pit bull ban)

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Commissioners find proposed plans on pit bulls or viscious dogs confusing

Thursday, 28 April 2011 10:32

By ROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times

Seward County commissioners are considering the adoption of a resolution which would regulate not only pit bulls, but also vicious dogs in general.

Earlier this month, the commission voted narrowly to repeal an ordinance banning pit bulls as a whole, and at the April 18 meeting, county counsel Dan Diepenbrock provided the board with two resolutions – one for vicious dogs and the other for the regulation of pit bulls.[…]

Diepenbrock said commissioners could adopt one or both of the laws, a suggestion commissioner Doug LaFreniere finds cumbersome.[…]

The commission will host a work session at a later date to consider what should be done with both pit bulls and vicious dogs.

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