Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada reminder: Meeting on proposed BSL, May 9

The town of Yarmouth is seeking public input on their proposed bylaw. The bylaw defines the following breeds as “fierce and dangerous dog”: Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, and any mixed breed that contains one of these breeds.

Owners of “fierce and dangerous” dogs must specially register their dogs, purchase liability insurance, spay/neuter the dog, and follow special restrictions for containment, signage, and much more. Dogs that belong to owners that do not comply with these restrictions will be euthanized; it is forbidden to adopt out or rehome these dogs. Town staff has also been given permission to “destroy on sight” any such dog, without warning or notification to the owner (no conditions are attached to this provision, so presumably staff could kill your “fierce and dangerous” dog at any time, even as you are walking it down the street).

You may read the draft bylaw here: http://townofyarmouth.ca/agenda/files2/00400/400/draft_dog_bylaw_april_12_2011.pdf

Please send respectful, helpful correspondence to Yarmouth officials to guide them toward an effective breed-neutral bylaw and discourage them from passing discriminatory legislation. Locals, please attend the public meeting on May 9, 6:30 PM, at Town Hall Council Chambers, 400 Main Street.

Contact info for Yarmouth town officials:
Mayor Phil Mooney, Mayor.Mooney@townofyarmouth.ca
Deputy Mayor Byron Boudreau, DeputyMayor.Boudreau@townofyarmouth.ca
Councillor Esther Dares, Councillor.Dares@townofyarmouth.ca
Councillor Ken Langille, Councillor.Langille@townofyarmouth.ca
Councillor Daniel MacIsaac, Councillor.MacIsaac@townofyarmouth.ca
Councillor Neil MacKenzie, Councillor.MacKenzie@townofyarmouth.ca
Councillor Martin Pink, Councillor.Pink@townofyarmouth.ca

Email block for cut-and-paste:
Mayor.Mooney@townofyarmouth.ca; DeputyMayor.Boudreau@townofyarmouth.ca; Councillor.Dares@townofyarmouth.ca; Councillor.Langille@townofyarmouth.ca; Councillor.MacIsaac@townofyarmouth.ca; Councillor.MacKenzie@townofyarmouth.ca; Councillor.Pink@townofyarmouth.ca

All alerts for Yarmouth: http://stopbsl.com/?s=yarmouth

One response to “Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada reminder: Meeting on proposed BSL, May 9

  1. Charles Gruhlke

    This proposed legislation is extrmely prejudicial. I am curious to know what events led to the drafting of this bylaw. Someone involved here is truly terrified of dogs.