Webb City, MO: Council to consider breed ban, May 9

Webb City council will consider a ban on “pit bulls” (including Bull Terriers) during their May 9 council meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers in City Hall, 200 S. Main Street.

Webb City official contact information
Kim DeMoss, City Clerk: 417-673-4651
John Biggs – Mayor, jbiggs@cableone.net [email addy may be incorrect]
Doug Goodall, goodunfur@yahoo.com
Ray Edwards
Don Darby
Gina Monson, gmonson@cableone.net
Jerry Fisher, Mayor Pro-Tem, j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net
Donald Meredith, don.meredith@sbcglobal.net
Gene Mense, gmense@mcmcpapc.com
Brandon Wilson, bwilson@beijoplin.com

Email block for cut-and-paste (NOTE not all council members have e-mail):
jbiggs@cableone.net; goodunfur@yahoo.com; gmonson@cableone.net; j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net; don.meredith@sbcglobal.net; gmense@mcmcpapc.com; bwilson@beijoplin.com

The agenda, including the proposed ban, may be viewed here: http://webbcitymo.org/Council%20Packet%205-9-11.pdf

2 responses to “Webb City, MO: Council to consider breed ban, May 9

  1. Debbie Rumker

    How sad that a community can not enforce the laws they have so they decide to ban breeds. I’m not a fan of bull dogs but I do have a lot of friends that have them. These dogs are the kindest creatures. It is all in how you raise them ~ not unlike children. I have a plan that I plan on introducing to my city…….Instead of banning them, make owners register them and have personality check-ups. The community could raise a little revenue and keep aggressive dogs in check. The registration and personality check-up would be for ALL breeds. No discrimination here!

  2. As a Bull Terrier owner, I am always disappointed when I see breed specific legislation being enforced. My bull terrier is the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. He is far less aggressive than any dog I’ve had, including german shepherds and even border collies. Max has never shown signs of aggression towards any human, or even another animal.

    Be smart before outlawing dogs based on their breed. Are you going to ban cigarettes or drinking alcohol? Surely they’ve done more damage than any dog could ever do.