Castlegar, BC, Canada: Council will not change pit bull bylaw

Castlegar city council has decided not to make any changes to their breed-specific bylaw. Last month, Castlegar city council agreed to review their pit bull bylaw after being made aware that the prohibitive cost of owning a “pit bull” in Castlegar ($1000 annual registration fee) has discouraged people from moving to Castlegar, has discouraged resident “pit bull” owners from registering their dogs, and has been difficult for bylaw officers to enforce due to breed identification issues.

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by Kyra Hoggan on 18 May 2011

Pitbull owners in Castlegar will not enjoy a reduction in the cost of dog licensing, as council voted Monday night to maintain the status quo.[…]

The bylaw was reviewed by council’s Public Safety committee at councillor Deb McIntosh’s request.

“It’s an ineffective bylaw,” she said. “We know there are pit bulls in the community, they’re just not being licensed, or they’re being licensed as some other breed. […]

McIntosh voted against leaving the fee as-is, while the rest of council voted in favour.[…]

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One response to “Castlegar, BC, Canada: Council will not change pit bull bylaw

  1. Just another way for a city government to rip off citizens and say they are doing something even though what they are doing is providing a proven false security.