Cleveland, OH: Opportunity to repeal BSL

Cleveland, OH, will consider a repeal of their breed-specific laws on June 1. Although I have not read the text of the proposal, I expect it still has restrictions on vicious dogs, and as such, “pit bulls” will still be restricted as vicious dogs in Cleveland until Ohio’s state law is finally changed. But this is nevertheless a step forward, and residents are encouraged to attend the meeting below to show support for the repeal of BSL. I will post additional details and issue a reminder as we get closer to the date.

Thanks to Jodi, Jean, and Dawn for getting the word out about this potential repeal.

On Monday, May 16th, Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone introduced an ordinance that will repeal Cleveland’s breed specific vicious dog law. It has been referred to the Safety Committee where it will be heard on June 1st. Councilman Zone asked for a big turn out to the committee meeting, so those that live in the area please consider attending. The meeting will be at:

Cleveland City Hall
601 Lakeside Ave. Rm 217
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
June 1, 10:00 am

A big THANK YOU to Jean Keating of the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates for her hard work and expert input in helping Councilman Zone and Chief Animal Control Officer Baird put a sound breed neutral law together!

We are through step one, now we just need to get it out of the Safety Committee!

7 responses to “Cleveland, OH: Opportunity to repeal BSL

  1. One step closer!

  2. This is confusing, you’re talking about Cincinnati but mentioning about a meeting in Cleveland. Cincinnati is southwestern Ohio and Cleveland is northeastern Ohio

    • stopbslcom

      Celine, thanks! It is Cleveland. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. I will revise.

  3. Thanks, I wish we could get them to repeal. However, this is one more article I can send to them in hopes they will come to their senses.

  4. Wishing it were for all of Ohio? blink of an eyes and have something didn’t even know was going into effect! have four kids and was volunteering at a shelter , busy, and then all those pit turns ins , and put downs? Not right!! When i was younger it was german shepards , then dobies, then rotties , how long it take for people to under stand it the owners not the breed??????

  5. Dustin Ghee

    Pit Bulls are very good dogs i have never seena vicious one in person… I just moved to Belpre Ohio from Nashville Tennessee and I have an eight month old pit bull named Bubba he is very smart very loving and very behaved…. Anyone who comes over weather he knows them or not he loves them to death and just wants to be petted and licks you to death lol! i love him so much and its so bad that they have had bans on pit bulls german shepards etc etc i just say they have tougher laws on the owners who allow there dogs to be mean… if you teach your dog as a pup its bad to bite people then he/she will learn and not do it unless necessary… im going to fight for this law as any dog lover should do!

  6. Dustin Ghee

    I LOVE DOGS!!!