Webb City, MO: Council to consider breed ban, May 24

Webb City council will consider a ban on “pit bulls” (including Bull Terriers) during their May 24 council meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers in City Hall, 200 S. Main Street.

Webb City official contact information
Kim DeMoss, City Clerk: 417-673-4651
John Biggs – Mayor, jbiggs@cableone.net [email addy may be incorrect]
Doug Goodall, goodunfur@yahoo.com
Ray Edwards
Don Darby
Gina Monson, gmonson@cableone.net
Jerry Fisher, Mayor Pro-Tem, j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net
Donald Meredith, don.meredith@sbcglobal.net
Gene Mense, gmense@mcmcpapc.com
Brandon Wilson, bwilson@beijoplin.com

Email block for cut-and-paste (NOTE not all council members have e-mail):
jbiggs@cableone.net; goodunfur@yahoo.com; gmonson@cableone.net; j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net; don.meredith@sbcglobal.net; gmense@mcmcpapc.com; bwilson@beijoplin.com

The agenda, including the proposed ban, may be viewed here: http://webbcitymo.org/Council%20Packet%205-24-11.pdf

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