Lima, OH: Pit bull law changes coming

Lima struggles to enforce the state’s breed-specific law, despite a lack of resources.

Pit bull law changes coming

May 30, 2011 4:23 PM
Heather Rutz

LIMA — […] Law Director Tony Geiger expects to have legislation for City Council at its Monday meeting that would change the current court summons to a citation with fines. […]

Previously officers didn’t always evenly enforce the pit bull laws because an arrest meant impounding a dog and that wasn’t always possible. […] That is not a legal issue, but one of a lack of resources and capacity to deal with the dogs.

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4 responses to “Lima, OH: Pit bull law changes coming

  1. Hello. Collect all possible information from the press, radio and television for 10 years. I have not beaten the facts and evidence that the children were bitten by different dog breeds. Huskie, Shepherd, Boxsery, Malamutes, Bernard, Dachshund, and simply kundelki retrievers. This is why nobody does not prohibit these breeds of dogs? Bear all the blame for the so-called pit bulls. What in general is a Pit Bull? How many illegal breeds is called Pit Bull. I do not understand at all and I know 100% that the discrimination only those dogs merely because of their appearance, the road to nowhere and blind alley. How smart people can not understand?

  2. I bought a pit bull 2 months ago and she is a puppy sweet as can be. My four children love her. I just got news that I have to get insurance on her. I don’t have the money to get insurance. My kids are heart- broken because She might have to go. My husband is the only one working with are 4 kids. I just had to say I think it is wrong to discriminate against pitbulls. Other dogs bite to Not just pits. If I could get a petition I would.

  3. My boyfriend just got 11 charges for us with our pit bulls. none of our dogs r mean and they dont mess with anyone ever. they r the friendliest dogs in the neighborhood. we had to get rid of all of them but one and now we have to get insurance too and noone wants to insure a vicious dog which is ridicuous. our neighbor decided she wanted to complain and now we r in a mess…why dont they look at the people who r mistreating animals or fighting them instead of targeting people that keep their dogs maintained. we have 8 kids and they always played with them.its just because of their name that now my boyfriend might go to jail for up to 2 yrs…we go to court tomorrow! i wish they would wake up and realize that not everybodys bad. they say dont discriminate but what r they doing?????


    i to have the most loveing dog and has never been in to any kind of trouble and today the lady across the street called the cops and the pond and thay came to my house to take my dog because she said he is mean with out any kind of proff of what she is saying and i got a ticket for 150 dollers and i dont understand how this can go on this is the same lady that told me i can not work on my truck in my own driveway !!!! what a joke !!! this lady is useing the dog law to just get at me because she dont like me for a neighbor !!! this is america !!!! ya right !!!