Butte-Silver Bow, MT: Council rejects proposed BSL

Butte-Silver Bow commissioners have once again rejected Commissioner Terry Schultz’s proposed breed-specific regulations.

One commissioner provided an update (thanks to Hank for forwarding): “Last night at our meeting, the BSB council denied (8-3 vote) Commissioner Schultz’s request. The measure was placed on file and will not go to a committee for further discussion. Commissioner Schultz brought a similar request to council over a year ago where it was denied as well. I believe most commissioners educated themselves on the issue the last time and did not want to debate a breed-specific proposal again. Hopefully, Commissioner Schultz got the message and will not bring it up again.”

Please contact Butte-Silver Bow city officials and thank them for refusing to proceed with a discriminatory ordinance. Send an email to the entire council of commissioners here: http://www.bsb.mt.gov/employees/EmpDetail.asp?emp_id=372

All alerts for Butte-Silver Bow: http://stopbsl.com/?s=butte-silver+bow

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