Jasper, AL: Council to discuss proposed breed ban, June 7

Mayor Sonny Posey of Jasper, AL, proposed a breed ban that would include “pit bulls,” Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, mixes of these, and any mutt that “looks like” one of these.

Recent news coverage indicates that the mayor may now be leaning away from a breed ban. However, the city agenda still shows the Mayor’s ordinance up for adoption on June 7. It is unclear at this time whether the council will vote on the breed ban, change it to breed-specific restrictions, or pursue a breed-neutral course of action.

Please send polite, respectful, educational correspondence to city council members to encourage them to pursue a breed-neutral dog ordinance. Next city council meeting: June 7, 10 AM, Jasper City Hall Council Chambers, 400 West 19th Street, Jasper, AL.

Contact info for city council members:
City of Jasper, Alabama, P. O. Box 1589, Jasper, Alabama 35502-1589
City Hall/Mayor Phone 205-221-2100
Mayor, sposey@jaspercity.com
City Hall, cityhall@jaspercity.com

Vicious Dog Ordinance

Reported by: Melissa Crabtree Email: mcrabtree@cbs42.com
Print Story Published: 6/02 6:10 pm

JASPER, Ala. (WIAT) – […] However, the council has decided to drop a full-on ban of infamous breeds like pit bulls. […] The council says it definitely wants to improve on the current vicious dog ordinance which requires someone to get bitten or injured *before* action can be taken.

Full article retrieved 6/3/11 from http://www.cbs42.com/content/localnews/story/Vicious-Dog-Ordinance/mGx1KtY1TEOgV3czh5KiFA.cspx

All alerts for Jasper, AL: http://stopbsl.com/?s=jasper


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