Ohio HB 14: Committee hearing, June 8

Edit 1/31/12: You are viewing an old post; HB 14 has advanced. View all alerts for HB 14: http://stopbsl.com/?s=ohio+hb+14

PROPONENT TESTIMONY for HB 14 (Rep. Barbara Sears, R-46) is scheduled to be heard in the Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 9:00 a.m., Ohio Statehouse, 77 S. High Street, Columbus, Room 114. Please support this bill by making calls and writing letters to your state representative and the members of this committee!  Please show up for support if you can!

Ohio has statewide breed-specific language that declares all “pit bulls” (defined as “any breed commonly known as a pit bull”) in the state to be “vicious” and places restrictions on ownership. HB 14 stands alone as the only Ohio bill that would repeal BSL.

Ohio residents, please write your state legislators and urge them to pass HB 14. The statewide BSL has been a nightmare for citizens, animal control, and humane organizations alike. Repeal is vital if Ohio hopes to move forward and improve public safety and humane treatment of animals.

Contact the Criminal Justice Committee and urge them to pass HB 14 out of committee:
district41@ohr.state.oh.us; district91@ohr.state.oh.us; district29@ohr.state.oh.us; district88@ohr.state.oh.us; district55@ohr.state.oh.us; district76@ohr.state.oh.us; district66@ohr.state.oh.us; district63@ohr.state.oh.us; district40@ohr.state.oh.us; district20@ohr.state.oh.us; district28@ohr.state.oh.us; district27@ohr.state.oh.us; district11@ohr.state.oh.us

Link to Criminal Justice Committee:

Find your state senator and representative using the legislator locator:

Link to the text of HB 14:

3 responses to “Ohio HB 14: Committee hearing, June 8

  1. Aimee Cain

    As a new resident of Ohio, I was delighted to hear about this! Can’t wait to see any updates that may come through!

  2. Jessica Lyon

    As an owner of a pit bull I disagree with labeling a breed of dog. Considering we ourselves bred dogs to do things for us good or bad. They do our dirty deeds in most cases. They are our best friends, dogs should be looked at in a whole as a species. Not by breed, any dog “breed” can be dangerous and aggressive. My pit bull is my best friend I would be lost without her. She was abused by her last owner and still has never bitten or growled at anyone. I love Pit Bulls because they are the broken breed in society the outcasts and they need saved. It should be just as much a crime to carry a poodle in a purse as to have a pit on the end of the leash. I hope that one day people will look without judgement on this wonderful loyal dog.

  3. Aimee Cain

    The scariest part, is that “pit bull” isn’t a breed.

    They are labeling an entire group of “pit bull type” dogs.