BSL reminders for week of June 6

The following municipalities will be discussing breed-specific ordinances or repeals this week. Residents are encouraged to attend these meetings to voice their opposition to breed-specific restrictions and support for breed-neutral ordinances. Click the links to find out more about time/place for these meetings.

Monday, June 6

Saginaw, MI: BSL discussion is on the agenda. Five breeds involved.
Cleveland, OH: Council may vote on BSL repeal.
Vancouver, WA: BSL discussion is NOT on today’s agenda and city officials have said they haven’t even considered BSL, but local news media has been making a BIG deal about a potential breed ban. Residents may wish to attend this meeting to see what, if anything, gets talked about.

Tuesday, June 7

Jasper, AL: Recent news coverage indicates the mayor might have changed his mind about a breed ban, but it’s not clear what council will decide to do instead. Multiple breeds involved.

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles, Canada: These two Montreal boroughs plan to discuss BSL.

Wednesday, June 8

Ohio: HB 14 has an important hearing in the Criminal Justice committee and needs as much public support as it can get.

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