Saginaw, MI: Council approves BSL during first vote (final vote June 20)

Saginaw city council took a first vote on proposed BSL during the council meeting on June 6. It passed, and now heads for a final vote, likely during the council meeting on June 20.

Very few citizens spoke about the dog ordinance at yesterday’s council meeting. One seemed to be in favor of it, and two others spoke against it, although only one of the two specifically objected to the breed-specific nature of the ordinance.

When the ordinance vote took place, only two council members voted against it. Councilmember Dennis Browning objects to the breed-specific language. Councilmember Andrew Wendt objects to the three-dog limit. All other council members voted in favor.

The proposed BSL would restrict ownership of five breeds. According to the badly written ordinance, the five breeds to be restricted are to be determined annually by an unknown entity using a vague and poorly defined data set. This year’s “top five breed list” consists of “pit bull,” Bull Mastiff, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd, and all mixed breed dogs that resemble one of these breeds. (Alaskan Malamute has inexplicably been removed from the list.)

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Andrew Wendt, [voted against, does not like 3-dog limit]

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