Porterdale, GA: Council to consider breed ban or BSL

Porterdale, GA city council may ban or restrict certain breeds. They are currently doing research and will discuss the issue at a future work session.

Contact info for mayor and council:
porterdalemayor@gmail.com; RFoxworth@cityofporterdale.com; LFinger@cityofporterdale.com; AChapman@cityofporterdale.com; MHarper@cityofporterdale.com; LChambers@cityofporterdale.com

Regular scheduled council meetings are the 1st Monday each month. Work sessions are on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday each month. All meetings are at City Hall at 6:30 PM, 2400 Main Street Porterdale, GA. Next work sessions: June 14 and June 23.

City seeks restrictions on pit bulls

Porterdale may ban dog breed

Posted: 11:06 PM Jun 7, 2011
Reporter: By Alice Queen, Editor

PORTERDALE — Describing pit bulldogs as a “stick of dynamite with a short fuse that could blow up at any time,” Councilman Mike Harper asked his fellow council members Monday night to consider banning pit bulls in Porterdale.[…]

City Attorney Tim Chambers said the town may be able to regulate certain breeds, ban certain people from owning certain breeds or ban breeds from certain locations.

The council agreed unanimously to research whether certain breeds can be banned in the town and moved the discussion to a future work session.

Full article retrieved 6/8/11 from http://www.rockdalecitizen.com/newtonnews/headlines/City_seeks_restrictions_on_pit_bulls_123432444.html

Thanks to Jodi for the heads up!

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