Welsh, LA: Pit bull ban difficult to enforce

Welsh officials want pit bull ban enforced (6/9)

Posted June 9, 2011 at 7:33 pm

WELSH — Officials here want police to step up enforcement on the town’s ban on pit bulls.

Several Welsh aldermen expressed concern this week that some pit bulls are being kept illegally after being returned to owners — even though the owners signed letters agreeing to remove the dogs from the city limits.[…]

Police Chief Tommy Chaisson said the problem is that many owners are “sneaking” the dogs back and not all dogs believed to be pit bulls are a full pit bull breed.

Officer Russell Benoit said he responded to a pit bull call, but the dog was actually a chocolate Lab.

“Are pit bulls here? Yes, they are,” Benoit said. “If I find them, I’ll fine them (owners).”[…]

Full article retrieved 6/10/11 from http://www.americanpress.com/lc/blogs/wpnewssum/?p=21628

Welsh City Hall
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