Webb City, MO: Second vote on breed ban, June 13

Webb City council will hold a second vote on a ban on “pit bulls” during their June 13 council meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers in City Hall, 200 S. Main Street.

The ordinance defines “pit bull” as:
(1) The bull terrier breed of dog;
(2) Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog;
(3) The American pit bull terrier breed of dog;
(4) The American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog;
(5) Dogs of mixed breed or of other breeds than above listed which breed or mixed breed is known as pit bulls, pit bulldogs or pit bull terriers;
(6) Any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, any other breed commonly known as pit bulls, pit bulldogs or pit bull terriers; or a combination of any of these breeds

Since the criteria used to identify a “pit bull” is extremely vague, this ordinance has the potential to sweep up all kinds of dogs, from purebred Cane Corsos to short-haired mutts.

During the May 24 council meeting, one citizen spoke—in favor of the ban—and the council unanimously voted in favor.

Webb City official contact information
Kim DeMoss, City Clerk: 417-673-4651
John Biggs – Mayor, jbiggs@cableone.net [email addy may be incorrect]
Doug Goodall, goodunfur@yahoo.com
Ray Edwards
Don Darby
Gina Monson, gmonson@cableone.net
Jerry Fisher, Mayor Pro-Tem, j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net
Denny Smith
Gene Mense, gmense@mcmcpapc.com
Brandon Wilson, bwilson@beijoplin.com

Email block for cut-and-paste (NOTE not all council members have e-mail):
jbiggs@cableone.net; goodunfur@yahoo.com; gmonson@cableone.net; j.l.fisher4454@sbcglobal.net; gmense@mcmcpapc.com; bwilson@beijoplin.com

The agenda, including the proposed ban, may be viewed here: http://www.webbcitymo.org/Council%20Packet%206-%2013-11.pdf

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