Montgomery, AL reminder: Committee meeting on dog control, June 21

Montgomery, AL, plans to revise its vicious dog ordinance after receiving citizen complaints about vicious dogs. The city will hold a committee meeting on June 21 at 2 PM, in Council Chambers, 1 Dexter Plaza, 103 North Perry St., Montgomery, Alabama. The committee meeting will be open to the public. The subsequent council meeting takes place at 5 PM. Should you have any questions concerning meetings, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (334) 241-2096.

The head of the committee has stated that the committee intends to discuss, and possibly pass to council, a proposal that will “increase fines on dogs that bite, do not have shots and are running loose.” I have confirmed with the head of committee that the proposal is NOT breed-specific.

Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the committee meeting and council meeting to ensure that any revisions to the vicious dog law are breed-neutral.

Regarding recent rumors: City council will NOT be voting on a “pit bull” ban tomorrow. BSL is not part of the proposal being discussed now.

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