Ellenville, NY reminder: Public hearing on dog ordinance, June 27

Public hearing on dog ordinance, June 27, 7:15 PM, at the Ellenville Government Center, 2 Elting Court, Ellenville, NY 12428.

A few Ellenville trustees and officials quoted in the article below expressed fear of “pit bulls” and Rottweilers, and they suggest BSL might be an option. Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the public hearing and provide effective breed-neutral laws for the council to consider. Respectful correspondence and educational materials may help.

New York state law prohibits breed-specific laws, and we would hope the Ellenville village attorney knows this. We do not know at this time what will be discussed or introduced at the public hearing.

Contact information for Ellenville officials:
Village Manager Mary Sheeley, msheeley@villageofellenville.com
Village Clerk Noreen Dechon, ndechon@villageofellenville.com
Mayor Jeff Kaplan, jkaplan@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Francisco Oliveras, foliveras@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Raymond Younger, ryounger@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Patricia Steinhoff, psteinhoff@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Efrain Lopez, elopez@villageofellenville.com

Email block for cut-and-paste
msheeley@villageofellenville.com; ndechon@villageofellenville.com; jkaplan@villageofellenville.com; foliveras@villageofellenville.com; ryounger@villageofellenville.com; psteinhoff@villageofellenville.com; elopez@villageofellenville.com

Village Attorney Peter Berger
130 South Main Street, PO Box 509, Ellenville NY 12428
(845) 647-4000
(845) 647-6029 (fax)

Dogs Gone Wild

String of Attacks Prompts Village to Act
By Jane Anderson

ELLENVILLE – A public hearing is scheduled for June 27 to gain public input on the ongoing problem of dog attacks in the village, particularly concerning pit bulls. Residents are encouraged to attend.

The hearing is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. Village Attorney Peter Berger is drawing up a local law addressing dog control in the village, and it will be discussed during the hearing.[…]

Full article retrieved 6/17/11 from http://www.shawangunkjournal.com/2011/06/16/news/1106161.html

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