Cornell, WI: Committee to discuss BSL, July 6

Cornell, WI will discuss possible restrictions on “pit bulls and other dangerous dog breeds” during the Public Health and Safety committee meeting on July 6 at 5:00 PM in the council chambers. This is definitely on the agenda, per the city office.

There is no official proposal yet, so I do not know whether they are going to consider restrictions or a ban, nor which dog breeds specifically will be targeted.

Residents and locals are encouraged to contact the city council and attend the committee meeting to provide respectful, educational dialogue about the dangers of BSL and the need for effective breed-neutral solutions.

City of Cornell, 222 Main Street, Cornell, WI 54732

3 responses to “Cornell, WI: Committee to discuss BSL, July 6

  1. according to prior papers pitts, rotties and gsd’s are on the BSL proposal. We need the support as there are also laws such as tethered dogs only, no fences and no kennels are legal in Cornell, wi

  2. Please have them read the research, responsible pet ownership is the way to go not breed specific legislation!

  3. they should punish the owners for not training them and working with them. i have owned 3 sit bulls and they are my favorite breed. they aren’t born to harm ppl why don’t ppl see that. our lifestyle and surrounding make us and them who they are.