Ohio HB 14 passes House, heads to Senate

Edit 1/31/12: You are viewing an old post; HB 14 has advanced. View all alerts for HB 14: http://stopbsl.com/?s=ohio+hb+14

Ohio HB 14 passed the state house yesterday, 69-29. How did your house representative vote on HB 14?

HB 14 gained several co-sponsors in the house, and the state’s dog wardens are also supportive of the bill. HB 14 now goes to the Senate, and will likely be dealt with in the fall. Last year’s similar HB 79 died at this stage. It is vital that Ohio residents communicate to their senators the importance of this bill and the need for it to be heard and voted on. Don’t let it die again!

Existing state law does not protect the publicdiscriminates against dog bite victims, and compounds the struggles of no-kill groups, animal welfare advocates, and public safety advocates. HB 14 is a badly-needed rework.

Find your state senator’s contact information here: http://www.ohiosenate.gov/

Link to the text of HB 14:

Senate also gets ‘pit bulls’ proposal


COLUMBUS — […] The chamber gave almost as strong support to a separate bill to eliminate Ohio’s distinction as the only state that automatically labels the ”pit bull” a “vicious dog” by virtue of its breed.

[The bill heads] to the Senate, which, except for an expected brief return in two weeks, left town for the summer Tuesday.[…]

Last session’s ”pit bull” bill died without a vote in the Senate, in part because it lacked support from dog wardens. This time, the dog wardens have signed on to the effort.[…]

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