Ellenville, NY: City attorney says BSL not allowed

Some Ellenville residents and officials raised the possibility of a breed ban or other BSL last month, and hysteria about “pit bulls” (and “other dangerous breeds”) has been on the rise. During a public meeting on the issue of dog control, the city attorney noted that breed-specific regulations are not permitted under state law. Several dog control options were provided, none of which were breed-specific.

Barking For Solutions

Public Vocal For and Against Pit Bulls
By Jane Anderson

ELLENVILLE – [… Mayor Jeff] Kaplan distilled the hearing down to two issues: Insuring a dog and hiring a part-time animal control officer. The village calls in the town animal control officer when needed, but Kaplan said he felt it was time for the village to have its own.

Full article retrieved 7/5/11 from http://ellenvillejournal.com/2011/06/30/news/1106302.html

Pit bull attacks worry village

Ellenville looking at ways to curb aggressive dogs
By Michael Novinson, Times Herald-Record

Published: 2:00 AM – 06/30/11

ELLENVILLE — […] Village trustees are considering three ways to curb aggressive behavior, Kaplan said: a ban on dogs in the business district, mandatory muzzles and requiring pet liability insurance.

State law prohibits municipalities from having breed-specific rules, said village Attorney Peter Berger.

Thus, a ban would prevent downtown homeowners from owning any type of dog, while even Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas would be required to get a muzzle, which [Ulster County SPCA Director Brian] Shapiro said can be dangerous. […]

Full article retrieved 7/5/11 from http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20110630/NEWS/106300317&cid=sitesearch

Contact information for Ellenville officials:
Village Manager Mary Sheeley, msheeley@villageofellenville.com
Village Clerk Noreen Dechon, ndechon@villageofellenville.com
Mayor Jeff Kaplan, jkaplan@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Francisco Oliveras, foliveras@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Raymond Younger, ryounger@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Patricia Steinhoff, psteinhoff@villageofellenville.com
Trustee Efrain Lopez, elopez@villageofellenville.com

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Village Attorney Peter Berger
130 South Main Street, PO Box 509, Ellenville NY 12428
(845) 647-4000
(845) 647-6029 (fax)



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