Russellville, AR: Pit bull ban has not decreased dog bites

In Russellville, AR, total dog bites have remained fairly steady despite a pit bull ban. The Animal Control director feels that the ordinance was nevertheless effective, saying that the ban has “done exactly what people wanted it to do.” I guess people wanted the ban to calm hysteria about “pit bulls,” not to improve public safety and reduce dog bites.

No decline in dog bites since pit bull ban

Animal Control director: Ordinance is effective

By Whitney Snipes,
Story date: July 3, 2011

Despite numbers that fail to show a decline in dog bites reported to the city’s Animal Control since its inception, the department’s director feels the city’s ban on pit bulls has been effective. […]

“I think it’s done exactly what people wanted it to do,” Vernon said. “We had a lot of citizens wanting us to do something about it, and the mayor at the time (Raye Turner) wanted us to do something.” […]

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4 responses to “Russellville, AR: Pit bull ban has not decreased dog bites

  1. Vernon,how is it successful if it hasn’t reduced bites????All you have succeeded in is probably killing dogs for being a certain breed……… are a closed-minded MORON!!!!

  2. For some people, 2 +2 = 10 so it is a success ……

  3. selwyn marock

    The Moron is just trying to keep his job. Ban all Black people and there will be no more crime committed by black felons,would this be in line with the American constitution?

  4. what else can i say , stupid, stupid, stupid . i really wish we could ban the idiots that make these stupid laws and the people that say that they are doing some kind of good when u know damn well they are not doing any good at all.