Bay County, MI: Board to hold public hearing on BSL repeal, July 12

Bay County, MI, current animal control ordinance declares all “pit bulls” to be “vicious” dogs. On July 12, the Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing and vote on ordinance revisions that remove the breed-specific language and repeal BSL.

Over the last few weeks, in Bay County and its municipalities, the media has been creating furor and fear about pit bulls. Although Bay County officials have not indicated that these incidents will influence their decision to repeal BSL, we are obviously concerned about the tone and outcome of the public hearing. Residents and locals, please show support for the repeal of BSL through polite, positive correspondence and attendance at the public hearing.

BoC meeting and public hearing: July 12 at 4 PM in the Commission Chambers of the Bay County Building, 4th floor, 515 Center Ave., Bay City.

Contact information for Bay County Board of Commissioners
Michael J. Duranczyk (D),
Brandon Krause (D),
Vaughn J. Begick (R),
Joe Davis (R),
Ernie Krygier (D),
Kim Coonan (D),
Tom Ryder (D),
Christopher Rupp (R),
Donald J. Tilley (D),

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  1. Media, this is the worst evil of our times do not know in August for nothing, and they want to be experts on everything. They did great harm to the dogs and their people lying reportage.